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    TSM sales not showing up after 10.01.2016


    I am using TSM Addons and the Web application to update the prices.

    Previously this would transfer my sales to your site and I could look at them by
    Account -> Sales.

    However now things do not work properly anymore.

    1) Only part of the realms I sold items showed up.

    2) after 10.01. no sales are registered within the website.

    Today I did delete the apphelper & accounting save file - Collected sales from the mailbox and uploaded the data (quit game, ran app).
    No change. Whilst in-game Accounting did register the sales - the website did not.

    I have no access to the raw data and the application itself does not report on uploading the account Data either.

    In the application the CSV export feature does detect my account and realms properly.

    I am a bit frustrated and clueless what I can do right now.

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    Check that you are actually logged into the app and website with the correct account. I have seen this before where people created multiple TSM accounts and were logged into the wrong account.
    You TSM user is displayed in the title bar of the app and the top right of the website
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    I am logged in with the same account.

    Today the sales show up and I noticed that sales get sanitized - meaning connected realm sales get merged into a single realm.

    Say I am selling on realms Day and Night both connected - my sales on Night will show up on Day.

    However in the server dropdown menu I can choose Night and Day.

    If I choose Day things will be fine since all sales are registered on this server.

    If I choose night instead the whole page goes blank. It might be a good idea to remove the other connected realms that get merged or redirect the selection to the primary sales server.

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    Ok I found the Problem.

    I was using the client and waited for the "all data is up to date" and closed the client.

    BUT the client is not done transferring the sales data when issuing the message. It seems impossible to tell when it is actually done other watching the application network traffic.

    It would be great if the application would wait with "all data is up to date" until all data has been transferred.

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    The TSM Desktop Application is intended to be left continuously running.

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