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    Help - Could not connect to TSM Servers

    I've encountered a problem with the TSM app.

    When I started the TSM app today, it would not sync with the servers (e.g. the event log was blank). I check the website and it seemed the data was updating there.

    I logged out of the TSM app and when I tried to relog I received the "Could not connect to TSM servers. Check that you antivirus is not blocking the app and try again."

    I checked my antivirus and it does not seem to be blocking. I've been using the app for years (it was working fine for me last night).

    Any help greatly appreciated.



    For some reason it just started working again.
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    Issues on TSM servers, it's been resolved now.

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    Issues "Could not connect to TSM Servers" is now UP!
    Please fix it.

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    It should be fixed now (might take a min to connect).

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    Happening Again "Could not connect to TSM Servers"



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