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    Question TSM app issue

    Hey guys,

    I've been using TSM for a while now (somewhere in MoP), but for the past week I've noticed it was saying that my WoWuction or AuctionDB information isn't updated since 17 days now.

    I've tried to google solutions wich resulted in me reinstalling the TSM_Apphelper with no result except it says now that:
    "TSM_WoWuction doesn't currently have any pricing data. Either download the TSM Desk app from www to automaticly update it's data or downlaod from"

    So I was checking out what was wrong with the app, the realms are still set up propperly (EU-Draenor) but I did notice that it said the wow-direction is not selected propperly. So I did this (just the dir where the WoW64.exe is) and it still said the same, so I did it again... Now it didn't say it anymore when I rebooted the app, However every time I start the Battlenet app it says my Bnet app is out of date (even if I click yes and restart it it still says the same over and over again, just when I fixed this by reinstalling Battlenet last week)

    So, i'm just ignoring that for now, because if TSM would work propperly (find the DB information) I would be happy to just click that stupid button once at start up of Bnet... But once i'm logged in it still says the warning about TSM_WoWuction not currently having any pricing data.

    My version of TSM is 2.10.22 (I think, because that last 2 is kind of unreadable) and I only have the TSM Suite installed from the curse link given by the TSM website. The version of the app is r255, it says it last Sync'd 5 minutes ago, and updated the AuctionDB and the WoWUction info for global, Draenor and some other realm that I dont really care about.


    I'm trying to sign up to premium, however PayPal is acting strange for some reason... I have my bank account linked to it and it still gives some puny error. Same counts for getting Premium on this community.


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    have you tried running the battlenet as administrator? you can do it by right clicking the battlenet shortcut icon and selecting run as administrator. might work?



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