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    Mail disenchantables help

    My game recently crashed and I lost all my settings. so, had to start from scratch.

    I've got everything back up and running again, except for one thing, and I've completely forgotten what to do:

    I can't get the Mail disenchantables to work. I've typed in the target player. I have BOE disenchantables in my bags. But, then I click on 'Send disenchantable items to <player>' nothing happens.

    Can someone remind me what I'm supposed to do to get that working?


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    Are the items in a group? The option to mail disenchantables only works for ungrouped items.

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    Ahhh! This time round I put in Sheyrah's XMog operations and didn't realise about the items having to be ungrouped. That's done the trick.




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