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    Scanning Over 700 Pages - Taking Forever!

    Hi guys. Started having an issue with TSM today, is it normal for it to scan well over 700 pages for just a few items? This is the first time it's taken this long.

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    Make sure you have up to date pricing data from the app in the first instance.

    TSM is doing what it is most efficient for the data it needs.

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    I am having a similar issue. I have a group with the following items in it:
    Enchant Cloak - Word of Agility
    Enchant Cloak - Word of Intellect
    Enchant Cloak - Word of Strength
    Enchant Ring - Word of Critical Strike
    Enchant Ring - Word of Haste
    Enchant Ring - Word of Mastery
    Enchant Ring - Word of versatility
    Enchant Shoulder - Boon of the Scavenger

    When I do a post scan for this group, I get 71 pages to scan.

    When I scan for "Enchant Cloak" I get 16 pages.
    When I scan for "Enchant Ring" I get 19 pages.
    When I scan for "Enchant Shoulders" I get 1 page.
    When I scan for "Enchant" I get 140 pages.

    When the 71 page scan completes only 3 items are listed (the three in my bags)
    Enchant Ring - Word of Versatility
    Enchant Cloak - Word of Strength
    Enchant Cloak - Work of Intellect

    What criteria could the group scan be using?
    I have the desktop app installed and the data is up to date.

    I just did some additional scans with some interesting results:
    When I scan for "Versatility" I get 17 pages.
    When I scan for "Strength" I get 15 pages.
    When I scan for "Intellect" I get 38 pages.
    When added up that is 70 pages.
    Could it just be using the last word of each item to scan?

    I didn't notice this behavior before upgrading TSM to v3.6.30
    I just reverted my client back to v3.6.29 and the issue went away.
    My scan for my example group above was 3 items 1 page each.
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