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    Post scan finished (cannot post auctions)

    I have set up a group with everything I want to auction in it -

    The tooltip shows it being in this group -

    The Auction group has the Auction operation against it -


    When I go to the auction tab in the auction house I see the following -


    If I click "Start Post Scan" (you can see the Auction group is selected) it immediately goes straight to "Done Posting" having taken no action -

    I am a fairly new TSM user but I did have this working for a few weeks.

    Can anyone help please?

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    Your operation 'Auction' probably has a post cap of 0.

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    The emails from this forum (lost registration password) don't seem to be working. Anyway registered again to say thanks - you got it in one. I read so far as "setting this to 0 disables" and wrongly assumed it was telling me that the post cap functionality is disabled!




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