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    TSM_AuctionDB and Underlight Angler

    Hello -

    I am seeing what appears to be a bug in the TSM_AuctionDB addon; specifically, it seems to be interfering with the Underlight Angler item.

    I am running WoW v7.2.5.24367 on a Mac running Sierra (v10.12.5). I have installed v3.6.28 of TSM, and v3.1.17 of TSM_AuctionDB.

    Without the TSM_AuctionDB addon installed, the Underlight Angler functions as expected. When I install the addon, however, the item exhibits a variety of strange behaviors:
    - The item icon shows a yellow "!" as if it were an item that begins a quest.
    - The tooltip for the item is altered. The item title is "Heroic" in green text, the item level is incorrect, there are racial restrictions listed, and there is a variety of other incorrect information.
    - I can't right-click to equip the item.
    - When I do equip the item, the artifact power bar does not appear.
    - When I visit the class forge, the artifact trait window does not appear.

    I have not noticed issues with any other item in my inventory.

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    I am having the same issue- AuctionDB is corrupting items in the item cache; not just the Artefact fishing pole but also my mythic key and a few other items.

    I am also on Mac OS Sierra (10.12.5) with WoW v7.2.5.24367.

    I have v3.6.29 of TSM and v3.1.17 of TSM_AuctionDB.

    The items are being corrupted in weird ways;







    This happens as soon as I load AuctionDB. To resolve it I need to quit the game and delete my Cache folder (just reloading does not help).

    Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
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