My old laptop went to laptop heaven, so I set up WoW on a brand new laptop. My settings are pretty much the same, and of course, TSM was essential for my WoW survival. However, on the new PC, TSM causes the auction window to become so tiny that it is impossible to read anything on it. I have experimented with turning off all add-ons, and if all add-ons are off then the auction window is the normal size. If only the main TSM add-on is turned on, then the auction window is tiny, so I have concluded from this that the problem must be within TSM.
Does anyone have any idea for how to fix this problem? I have been able to post auctions by remembering where the "Post" button is, but it would be nice to be able to have additional utility.
I am attaching a screenshot of the Stormwind auction house with the tiny AH window in the upper left hand corner. Since this is on a laptop screen, the AH window formerly took up the majority of the available screen space.
Please help?
Tiny Auction Window2.jpg