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    TSM Gathering not showing correct Tab when search is done.

    When I open up the Gathering window, and click on an item to search for it, the final tab gives me the % Mat Price tab. How can I change it so that when I click on an item in the gathering window to search for, that the final tab shows % Market Value rather than % Mat Price (Just like a normal search would) ?

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    That is the column that should be shown when running a search from gathering as you're buying against your mat price. There's currently no way to change this.

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    Well, I messed it up trying to fix my friends to show the % Market Value. Before I messed around with it, literally 15 minutes ago, it WAS showing % Market Value just like I wanted it to and just as I've had it showing for the last year. So there must be a way to change it. Either that or is there a way to revert my settings to how they were 15min ago? Hell, I'm ready to do a system restore...Cause this screws up everything. Now I have to type in items I need to search for manually...

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    As Sapu has already said, you are mistaken - gathering has never shown % market value in the shopping search.
    running a shopping group scan will show % max price (based on your shopping max price)
    running a gathering scan will show % mat price
    running a manual shopping scan will show % market value
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