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    Question Beginner question(s)

    Hey guys, I recently got a hold of TSM and have been slowly configuring it (sadly during the API downtime, but oh well!).
    So far I am understanding most of it, so no problems about the configurations yet.

    What I wonder about is - as you probably guessed - Groups.

    Are there any up to date groups (sites, pastebins, users that update theirs daily and/or threads) including data from this and previous expansions? I found some lists, however they haven't been updated for a long time, or they're a simple niche, which doesn't quite work for my general needs.

    What groups I am after are Battle pets/mounts, BoEs and Transmogs (do you keep those 2 together or split them up? aren't they mostly the same?), professions (alchemy and enchanting) and well, whichever seems useful.

    Sorry for the dumb question, but i've been searching for some time now and didn't find anything up to date.

    One example which I encountered:
    I imported a group including Uncommon Cloaks from Legion (400 items give or take), then I found another string containing the same items (or so i thought) made by another user and thought it would import at most ~50ish items that were missed. To my surprise the number of imported items was above 500, eventhough I had the the "dont import grouped items" selected.

    Any input will be greatly appreciated!
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    I use Sheyrah's setup. The more you use it the more you adjust it to suite your own needs but it's great on it's own:

    Instructions on how to import:

    Twitter for the most up to date info on their setup:

    Twitch if your're into that:

    Website if you care:

    Edit: Also it will mess up everything you've done (as the instructions explain). If you care, save a backup. Otherwise replace away!
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