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    New enchants in 7.1.5, wrong tooltip in crafting window

    There are 4 new enchants in 7.1.5. Mark of the Deadly, Mark of the Master, Mark of the Quick, and Mark of the Versatile. When you hover over them in the crafting window, the tooltip displayed is for the spell to make the enchant rather than the enchant scroll as usual.

    Here's a screenshot of the problem.
    Here's the expected behavior, with a different enchant.

    This appears to be the same problem that occurred on Legion launch. It was fixed for all the enchants at the time, but apparently it didn't carry forward. Here's a link to my old thread, if it helps: Cannot craft queue Legion enchants & it shows spell tooltip not item tooltip?


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    We might need to force an update of the item cache since they changed the quality of the item without any notice.



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