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    Changing price when more than one posting operation assigned

    So here's the problem I've noticed while posting multiple items in different stack sizes.

    Let's say we have a group with a bunch of various crafting mats in it. We intend to post 5 stacks of 1, 8 stacks of 10 and 1 stack of whatever's left in bags up to x200. TSM allows to assign up to 5 auctioning operations, so it'd look something like this:

    Then if we run post scan, it'd work correctly by default if we don't edit the price.

    But what if suggested price is wrong and you want to change it? Let's try to edit the price when posting 5x1:

    For same stack size it works fine:

    But then the next size stack comes, but the edited price would just stay the same:

    Which results in stacks of 5 being posted at same price as stack 1, i.e. 5x cheaper.

    And yes, same happens with a full stack of 200. I've got to know that a hard way by posting a stack of legion herbs at ~30g per stack of 200... Yes, it went out in 3 seconds to snipers before I had a chance to react. >.> Probably I wouldn't even bother reporting this issue if it wasn't for the fact that it could lead to massive losses for those who's not aware of how it works.

    Not sure if it'd be possible to fix it in a way that the different stack size price would be calculated according to the one that was just edited. But could it at least do the same edited price reset to default for different stack sizes of same item, as it does when next different item is being posted? Or not sure how else, but remembering edited price for every stack size surely can't be the only way to go?

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    the price change is for stacks and not single item so ofcourse it change every stacks price(1x 5x 200x) to 1g67s14c. 3 options tsm change the price change to item price not stack (if possible) or tsm change when you press edit price you see every operation and change every single one or you change it in every operation manually

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    But does it have to remember price from previous operation and applying it without warning to the next one? Why not just reset it to default of current operation even if the previous stack size was edited?

    I wouldn't mind to change it manually for every stack (that's exactly what I've been doing past few months even though it's a pain to change prices for stacks other than x10, x100). If at least the cost of error of forgetting to change the price wouldn't be selling a larger stack at price of smaller stack if I accidentally roll a wheel an extra step.

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    normally nobody use a exact value like 1g67s14c in the operation for minimum maximum and normal price.
    you can use for a simple example 60%dbmarket for minimum and 100% dbmarket for normal and for maximum 150% dbmarket
    in the third screenshot you see the % for dbmarket on the right

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    I only changed it for the sake of making this screenshot example without losing those furs by undercutting too low (you can see it'd go right under the 1.68 item), but that's not the point. The point is, sometimes it's best to sell large amounts of stackable goods in various stack sizes, which is why some of my groups are set to a few auctioning operations. And it's always nice to automatize as much as possible when you have a few hundreds of unique items to post each day. But it's not always optimal to just sell it at whatever's current market price, or xx% of it, or even something more complicated custom price sources (which I also have set up).

    Let's look at the above fur example. Market is widely spread, suggested 2.32g price would post my 2-3 stacks of (rather expensive depo-wise) furs right behind the wall of 10x200 stacks and even bigger wall at 2-something that isn't visible on screencap, where they are doomed to expire. It's still within whatever price range was set there, though, because there are always a few sky-high overprised stacks.

    So the option to auto-post those without editing the price each time would be either to set the lower end even lower (not 90%, but 80 or so), then it would undercut 1.87 in current example. That would work for today, but unless I'll be manually setting the currently viable portion of market price for each mat I post every day (and if I'd be willing to check each mat manually before running post scan, I could as well just post them from quick post while doing so).

    Or I could just push skip for each item that TSM couldn't guess proper price for and then still end up selling 80% of my goods manually, making it only longer to post than if I'd go with manual posting all along.

    Sure, I'm not saying that's impossible, but it kinda renders the whole option to assign more than one operation per group rather useless. Yet if the edit price wasn't stuck each time the stack changes it'd be about as useful as it gets, removing the risk of gifting snippers a stack of 0.02% market price mats while still allowing to edit the prices. Of course if it were to automatically recalculate for bigger stack of same item, it'd make it just about perfect, but even without that I'd say it would do.

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    so you want on edit the options to change every single operation and only temporary for this post and maybe itemprice not stackprice but i would say it is more a feature request than a fix

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    What you describe doesn't sound intended but I'll leave Sapu or Bart to comment on it further.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Medivha View Post
    so you want on edit the options to change every single operation and only temporary for this post and maybe itemprice not stackprice but i would say it is more a feature request than a fix
    Well if the idea of preventing an addon from accidentally posting heavily underpriced goods without warning is a feature request, fine by me, as long as it works for you guys Though I'd say in this example the auto-recalculation of edited price to greater stacks would be sort of a bonus feature request, while resetting edited price between different operations of a group same as between different groups - that'd be a fix and not much of a feature. And tbh the letter one would be just fine, it'd already make this system viable.

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    confirmed as a bug and in progress -
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