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    gather - incorrectly suggests 'buy from vendor'

    Gathering incorrectly suggests a lot of limited supply items be bought from a vendor rather than collected from alts, crafted or bought from the AH. Probably goes back to the problem with TSM crafting having a vendorbuy price for limited supply tradeskill items unless you take the tedious step of manually fixing the material price for those items to not include vendorbuy. Whatever list there is of vendor supplied mats needs to be updated, or if there isn't one, one needs to be made to exclude all limited supply materials.

    Ones it's getting wrong right now:

    bronze tube
    handful of fel iron bolts

    I know there are a bunch more though.

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    Actually it looks like the vendorBuy info (mostly) comes from the TSM auction/item database, so from the blizzard API. At the point it's queried is there any way to tell that an item is limited supply? Wowhead shows the stock number for each vendor that has an item (or infinite), is there an easy way to check that info via the blizzard API without searching and checking every vendor that has an item?

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    vendorBuy is populated by you visiting a vendor that sells the item.

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    Really? Huh, so can we make it not store limited supply materials then? It just makes no sense to ever consider them as vendor buy-able.



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