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    Warehousing to gather items from gbank's current tab only?

    Hello, so I've been sorting through a massive amounts of greens from salvage boxes. This was a good enough reason to start using warehousing TSM option more regularly.

    And here's the thing I noticed: you can move items to guild bank starting from the currently opened tab. But attempting to move items from guild bank to bags results in every item of selected groups starting from tab1 being moved to bags. Even if e.g. tab4 is opened, it'd still start gathering from tab1. Which maybe isn't an issue for most types of item, but when the group contents many, many different items it can render the whole feature useless in some cases.

    Let's say, if I return from auction with a bunch of unposted items and deposit them on tab 2 (or any tab, for that matter), then try to withdraw items form tab3 (which wasn't yet checked if there's anything to post today), it'd just return tab 2 to bags first even if tab 3 is opened.

    Is there any solution I missed in options for this? Or is it a bug/not intended?

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    Warehousing currently doesn't care/check which tab you are on when moving items it just moves based on your operation settings. There is a low priority improvement planned to allow you to specify which bank tabs an operation can use though
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