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    Cataclysm Lost tab in addon?

    I am a premium user and it seems I had a tab at the far right that allowed me to scan for great deals, use sniper, and run scans specific to groups I have set up. I seem to have "lost" this tab in the past week. Do you have any idea how I can get it back as it was very useful? I am using TSM with Auctionator. Thanks

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    First please read the stick before posting for help:
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    What you're describing is the Shopping tab (On it is an Other Searches tab where Great Deals and Sniping are located).

    If you do not have a Shopping tab at the AH - check you have all TSM addons installed and enabled.

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    This is the Shopping tab, so ensure you have TSM Shopping enabled. Then select the 'Custom Filter / Other Searches' button.

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    Thanks. For some reason all my addons were checked except this one. Much appreciated.



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