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    TSM Shopping Searches

    Hi All. Before the patch I used to be able to shift click items in my inventory while on the shopping tab and it would scan for item_name/exact and list the current auctions. I deleted all of my saved data today for the addon/app and reinstalled everything. Now for some items it scans when I shift-click but doesn't display any items. I don't think I need to create groups or operations to use this feature, but perhaps there is something that I forgot to do to enable this feature. Some examples of things that searched fine: Sorcerous Water. Some things that aren't searching correctly: Arclight Spanner, Hemet's Heartseeker, ghost iron ore. Pages of these items can be found using the default AH tabs and I have my own postings of these items that shopping isn't picking up either (even though I posted them from the shopping tab).

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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    This might be fixed. Otherwise, it's caused by a known issue on Blizzard's end.

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    OK, known issue on Blizzard's end then. It's still happening this morning. The addon is showing correct information in tooltips about min buyout prices and everything via the app database at least, even for the items that don't show up when searching in the shopping tab.

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    Hi. I am having this same problem. The information in the tooltips is correct however when I shift click an item in the shopping tab it is showing as no auctions. It is not on every item though. Seems to be most prevalant with armor.



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