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    Question TSM Warehousing

    Hello guys, i just got into my first problem with the TSM addon.

    My problem is within the Warehousing addon, i'll try to describe as good as i can since english isn't my primary language.

    Its like this, i have a glyph-buisiness going on on my server, i want to have 1 of every profitable glyph on the auction house at all times, so i make the glyphs on my scribe character, then i send them to my alt wich has a guild bank to store them in. Lets say i make 5 of every glyph, put 1 up on AH and keep 4 of them in the bank, after a while when the glyphs starts to sell I would like to open the bank and just restock on the ones that sold on AH. I cant seem to make this work, either it fills my bag up with glyphs that haven't sold and i have to run back to AH just to see that everything is post-capped, or it wont take any glyphs from my bank, even though i know i have glyphs in the bank thats not on the AH.

    Is this possible to do or did i put to much of faith in the addon?

    Thankful for answers!

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    Are you using the Move AH Shortfall to bags button? I will sometimes have this same problem with that button, but it usually happens when I close the AH window immediately after doing a post scan. Seems like the addon needs a few extra seconds to update your inventory, and if you close the window right away it can't do that, thus resulting in the button not working properly. Maybe try opening the AH window, letting it sit for a few seconds, and then go to the bank and click "Move AH Shortfall to bags". See if that helps. Also try to make a habit of not closing the AH window immediately after doing a big post scan. Give it a few seconds to update before closing.

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    Thanks for the answer, probably did something of that, now it worked like a charm! Thank you



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