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    Crafting addon not working

    When I open the profession tab TSM did not ask if I wanted to make a group for my profession. Also when I open the TSM window and go to crafting it only says none in the filter window. Does anyone know how to fix this.

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    I've moved this thread to the correct forum, since it's a TSM question. If you want to make groups from your professions, go to the "TSM Groups" tab and click the button in the bottom-left. For your other issues, you'll need to take screenshots / be more detailed as described in the "READ FIRST" sticky.

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    It probably mentions this in the FAQ, but if you're having issues with TSM not prompting to create groups for a profession or 'create profession groups' isn't adding new recipes try disabling any addon like Ackis Recipe List or ProfessionVault. They seem to have conflicts that break this part of TSM.

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    That was it TSM does not play nice with Skillet! Thanks for the help.



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