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    CKS Alternative for Mac

    Okay, so. This is a major edit. Did the overhaul a while ago, but this should be 'far' easier than the previous version (also a lot less buggy, and easier to maintain for me).

    First off, for all you Mac users: you have python and it is awesome. And we're going to use it.

    Browse to: and download it. If you know how to use git, please clone it (and update). It will speed up the next updates.

    Furthermore, you need to open your Terminal, and run this command:

    sudo easy_install atomac
    Let it finish, and close Terminal.

    Now, go to System Preferences, Accessibility, and check the box that says: 'Enable access for assistive devices' (I'm on a Dutch OSX, so the exact terminology might be a bit different).

    That's all the prerequisites to get this to run. Now for the actual application. It's a scripted application, so no more GUI (Sorry for everyone who thought this would be 'one-click wonder'. Maybe in the near future!

    Now, in the terminal use the command:

    cd path to where you extracted it
    (So, if you extracted it to /Users/mats/WowHelper use

    cd /Users/mats/WowHelper
    And run this command (make sure you have WoW running):

    This will press the key '4' every 4 seconds. You can edit the testscript to make it do different things. This is just a quick explanation. I'll work it out later.
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    Looking good man good job. I'm sure many mac users on this forum will be highly pleased.
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    +rep from on Mac person to another!

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    Nice one. +rep and added link to this thread in the CKS one.
    It's not a bug, it's a feature !

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    Thanks for doing this, Nemona! Just a slight issue:

    You have Mac*OS*X 10.6.8. The application requires Mac*OS*X 10.7 or later.
    I'm still running 10.6 on my Mac Pro (my main WoW machine) — still not able to upgrade on this machine for various reasons. I'm guessing you just compiled to target 10.7, so do you think you could compile a version for 10.6? Also, how would you feel about sharing the code? I don't know what the general policy is on here for sharing code of contributed apps, but I think it'd be a good idea to give people confidence in the security of such an app to have 100% transparency and to be able to say for sure that it's not got any kind of malware. Hell, I'd be interested in playing around with it myself too, if there are any interface enhancements I might be able to contribute.

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    Compiling one with 10.6 support now. (It's gonna need at least 10.6, because of the APIs I am using). And yeah, when the code is a bit more structured (I would really advice against using it currently as well, since it's not really that functional) I will most definitely release the code. Time to get working on another update!

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    Okay. Code is online for everyone to see (or fork). The code there is far more structured and all the UI elements work now (Listen to Keyboard, Mouse, Keys to press and the such.

    You can always get the latest build at (which is also the repository URL if you want to see the source).

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    Just tried this out on my MacBook Air which runs Lion, and it makes WoW crash near enough immediately

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    Okay. I think I know what that issue is. Do you have the WoW crashlog / trace? With that, I can probably tackle this easily.



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