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    Quote Originally Posted by Sterling View Post
    "Listen to user input" should do the trick. Believe it even tracks audio input.
    Hm, it does not track using my controller even with "listen to user input" ticked.. ;/

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    Hey this is my first post on the forum. First off, thanks for making this sick program. I havent had any issues with it but i was wondering if its possible to add some sort of update to make it work with controller input. I play lots of melee, and it would be really cool to sit and obliterate while im doing training drills. Right now im using the Mayflash 4 port controller adapter and the Dolphin emulator. They work natively, so i dont have to map the controller to any keyboard inputs. I think thats the reason why it doesnt work for "Listen to user input." Id love to help in any way shape or form with testing or something, im not a programmer or anything so i cant help with code but i think it would be great if this could be implemented!



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