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Thread: Curse Client v5

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    Curse Client v5

    Anyone still running the 'old' curse client? Is it still working? If so does anyone happen to have the installer still? I upgraded my PC and found out about this change to curse being a social media platform and well the app is garbage. I just need to keep my addons up to date easier than checking the pages. Although - honestly if it wasn't for the nag window in game every time I log in about updating TSM, I probably wouldn't bother with the updates until things didn't work or a new raid tier was out and I needed the new version of dbm.

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    If there's any part of it that doesn't work, I haven't noticed, but I'm not someone that's gone into deep details of the client. Hmmm, looks like my install exe is from 2011. no clue if something that old can still auto-update to the current client.

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    I installed the new one about an hour or two ago. They give you the ability to use the update all function once you link your twitch account. (it does say I have curse premium promotion until October so it's probably not a forever thing) I'd probably be more into it if streaming to Twitch could be done right in the app instead of requiring xsplit or obs still. I'm also unsure how it's going to work with my modified addons. Currently I get a button that is labeled modified and clicking it would 'allow the app to manage updates for this addon'. So hopefully it will still let me know when an update is available like it used to so I could update it and then put my modifications back in just like before and that clicking the button and modifying it again will make the button show up again instead of it just removing my modifications upon clicking update all.

    The whole reason I wanted to use the old one was specifically because I tried to use the Twitch version when I first built my upgraded machine and all I got was a really glitchy solid black window. Now the app actually works so I don't think I'll need to find the old install. Plus I'm pretty sure they're going to force the new Twitch one on everyone very soon anyway.
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