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    Introducing WoW My Bids (Android)

    Hiya all

    I want to introduce WoW My Bids: new Auction House Android application to community
    (oh no! one more buggy useless tool)

    it let user check auctions, compare prices with faction auction data, your rank within sellers and list of competitors.

    Key features:

    1. Check your auctions and compare prices with faction auction data
    Min(Bid) vs Faction(Min(Bid))
    Min(Buyout) vs Faction(Min(Buyout))
    2. Your rank within sellers
    3. Group by stack size: 1, 5, 10, 20 and AVG prices
    4. Information about other item sellers
    5. Up to 50 characters
    6. Auction data updated hourly
    7. No registration - no personal info - no passwords policy

    you can find it in Google Play:

    we live in Azeroth and want to make it better

    any feedback is welcome

    our facebook:

    p.s. Android from 4.0.3
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    Can't wait for an iphone version.
    My favorite option: No registration - no personal info - no passwords policy

    I really would not want to login to any app that wanted my wow login info.

    good luck and please keep me posted.

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    Thank you for introducing your app and for taking the time to develop it. Both not easy tasks.

    My questions are simple:

    Blizzard has their official Armory App which includes a mobile AH. About a year ago, the monthly subscription fee was dropped and it is now free. What does your app offer that Blizzard's app does not? Or what do both apps have, but your's is an improvement upon Blizzard's version?

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    >What does your app offer that Blizzard's app does not?

    good question. I use official Blizzard app, I like it... but it doesn't have some useful features: grouping and rank

    1. WoW My Bids makes grouping by item name and stack size.
    my example: I don't care about sellers who create number of auctions with 1 item in stack.
    But I try to be the best one who sell by 20 in stack.
    WoW My Bids let me easy check is my price the best one withing stacks with quantity = 20

    the format of report is:
    stack size = 20
    my min(bid) = 100 auction min bid = 90, my rank is 2 of 4
    my min(buyout) = 110 auction min(buyout) = 110, my rank is 1 of 4

    so... there're 4 sellers, and my buyout is the best

    2. it let me easy check list of other sellers of an item
    the list is sorted by bid/buyout prices

    3. If put several bids with different price it shows the my minimum one only.
    it's useful when I create number of fake auctions

    4. grouping: if somebody created hundreds auctions with the same price and stack size - WoW My Bids shows only one record
    it's easy for browsing

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    It looks nice so far. I have some feedback though:

    1) Possible bug: Bid/Buyout ranking seems a bit off. The total (of X) looks to be based on unique auctioneers whereas the place seems to be based on grouped prices. For instance of there are 5 sellers but these 5 sellers have 7 different prices then you could get a 7 of 5 showing, which doesnt make much sense. of X should probably be based on price groups not unique sellers.
    2) Feature request: Setting to not show Bid prices. It clutters up a lot when 4 different prices are shown per item and I never look at Bid prices.
    3) Feature request: Market or profession group feature. It would be nice to have auctions grouped by markets. For instance I would like to only look at gems on my poster toon. Or look at glyphs posted across several toons (on the same server). Maybe the user could create groups themselves. So if I wanted to create a group for tailored bag I could do that.
    4) Missing item: Id=21542 (Festival Suit)

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    Diani, tnx for feedback.
    1) yes. it's count of unique sellers vs count of unique (item,price). I'll check how to change the logic to avoid the bug
    4) missing item - it'll be fixed. most of items were imported into local database but some of them not.

    2) - ok
    3) - I though about groups of characters within one (realm;faction) but adding prof/market filters is a really good idea and should be useful.
    the feature will be in next release

    in next releases:

    - Market Groups [realm;faction level]
    one or more characters in group
    user can select item classes for group/character

    - hide/show bids/buyouts

    - 24 hour item price history

    1.3 localisation - non-En realms

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    Can't wait to see try the new version!

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    update 1.0.1
    - support non-English realms and characters
    - submit performance improvement
    - server upgrade - item list multilanguage: EN/FR/DE/IT/PR/SP/RU

    get it from Amazon:

    known issues:
    missing items ()
    some realms are excluded from update:
    EU: Aggra (Portugu.s)
    EU: Pozzo dell'Eternit.
    EU: Mar.cage de Zangar
    EU: Confr.rie du Thorium
    EU: Chants .ternels
    EU: Arak-arahm
    EU: Festung der St.rme
    EU: La Croisade .carlate

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    I don't have an android device at the moment, but nice work on developing the app so far!

    @UtesDad is right to ask why you think yours is an improvement over Blizzard's. The answer you gave is fine too because at the end of the day just accepting things as they are isn't always good enough - and I'm also sure that overtime the app will develop into so much more.

    Taking the initiative to try and improve something is awesome, especially when it's gold making related. All the best and good luck!
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    tnx everybody for feedback

    update 1.0.2
    - Filters (multilang support)
    - Feature request completed: Setting to not show Bid prices
    - Feature request completed: Order By in Auction Items

    Google Play:

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