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    Add to this user's reputation Survival Guide

    The Consortium was founded in February 2010 and was initially a small group of friends threading ideas on a free bulletin board. Six months later, was launched and the community broadened its focus. The site primarily focuses on World of Warcraft and Diablo 3, however you will find subforums hosted here for games such as RIFT and SWTOR. We discuss gold-making and in-game economics, professions, powerleveling, addon development, twinking and much more.

    We are strongly opposed to hacking, botting, and scamming. We pride ourselves in being a EULA-compliant and drama-free community. - A Friendly Community

    The first thing you will notice about the site is that it offers a friendly, troll-free, flame-free environment. We promote and foster smart, helpful and legitimate discussions. This is something we emphasized from the very beginning, and in a way, it has shaped the community into what it is today. If your intentions on this site are hostile, you won't fit in and we won't let you stick around.

    New 'Round These Parts?

    New? Don't be afraid to get involved! I suggest registering and introducing yourself. Registration is quick, free, and doesn't require email verification. You can literally complete a registration within 15 seconds flat.

    Forum Ranks

    Upon registering you will notice that your initial rank will be "apprentice". There are several forum ranks in this community, all of which aim to delineate the responsibilities and status of our members;

    Apprentice - The initial rank for all registered users. Unlocks most forum features.
    Entrepreneur - Attaining this rank is easy. Stick around, and you will earn this rank automatically. Loosens restrictions on several features, such as posting length and signatures.
    Ethereal Contributor - This special rank is granted to users whom contribute in the community. This rank unlocks the Ethereal Contributor Private Forum, and several other features found on the Premium page. Premium members are given this rank, along with contest winners and article/guide contributors.
    Addon Developer - These valued members develop addons for World of Warcraft. Example: The Undermine Journal (Erorus) and TradeSkillMaster (Sapu94 and others).
    Wind Trader - This rank is earned on an invite-only or application basis. Wind Traders are the elite of gold-making in World of Warcraft, and have access to the Stormspire, a forum in which we discuss high-level gold-making and in-game economics.
    Moderator - A notch above Wind Trader, these guys also have the ability to moderate the forums. They also happen to be super friendly.

    One misconception about these forums is that we're elitist jerks. That is far from the truth. Indeed, you will notice that newbies posting help threads in the forums get friendly help from all sorts of forum members, ranging from Apprentice to Wind Trader.

    Finding Content

    The forums are split up in a very intuitive manner. As such, finding the right place to post a thread should be easy.

    Before posting a thread, you should first make sure that a similar thread has not been posted yet. The search function generally does a great job in finding threads.

    On Reputation

    Reputation is a feature within the forum that allows members to acknowledge other members for leaving posts that are beneficial to the forum and it's membership as a whole. You can leave reputation by clicking on the "add reputation" button which appears under each member's forum name. You have the option to leave a comment along with your rating. You are encouraged to do so. The recipient can then browse comments in his/her control panel.

    All members start with 0 reputation points. This increases by 1 with every rep received. Your reputation is displayed just under your avatar.

    When should Rep be given? Reputation should be given to members who make posts that are beneficial to the forum and it’s membership. When you give rep, keep in mind that members with a high rep will be perceived as "top members" in the forum. Give rep wisely!

    When should it NOT be given? Reputation SHOULD NOT be given for matters of personal gain.

    Reputation Rules
    • Do not give rep for funny posts.
    • Do not "trade" rep.
    • Do not ask for rep.
    • Do not hold grudges with rep. Give rep to ANYONE who posts something that deserves acknowledgment.
    • Do not create multiple accounts to give rep to yourself. The Admin CP automatically reports this (you will get caught/banned).
    • Do not give rep to a post of a member just because you like them. The POST itself should be worthy of the rep.

    Forum Rules

    While we like to emphasize quality content on the site, we understand that not all users are WoW veterans. You are encouraged to ask for help if needed, but please use the search function first, as we don't want duplicate threads. Briefly, the following posting guidelines should keep you infraction-free:
    • Use grammar, punctuation and formatting to the best of your knowledge.
    • Be polite and civil in your discussions with others.
    • Do not respond to personal attacks toward you or others - this only serves to propagate drama.
    • Use WoWhead links if needed.
    • Instead of spamming a thread with "thanks" or "cool!", give the author rep. We don't want to fill the forums with useless information.

    How to Use Tooltips

    Tooltips are small information boxes that appear when you mouseover an item's link. They make your posts more aesthetically pleasing, and allow you to link items very quickly.

    Below, you will find examples of tooltips in action. To use tooltips, you would remove the number sign "#" from the examples below.

    [#item]frozen orb[/item]

    You can also use an item number rather than the item's name itself (useful when 2 items have the same name).


    You can also use the tsm tag to produce the same result as above.


    Live example:

    We constantly strive to make this community better. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. If you have a bug to report with the forums, you can do so in this thread.

    Thanks, and enjoy your stay!
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    Find a post useful? Give the author rep! And above all, be respectful and friendly to everyone.