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    Forum Downtime & Software Update

    Good morning everyone,

    I've just re-opened the forums after a 24 hour planned downtime. This past week, we had experienced issues with the site returning blank pages. This prompted me to take the forums down not only to fix this particular issue, but to take care of other overarching problems. At the root of the problems was the site's age. is now 6.5 years old. Since 2010 the forum software (vBulletin) has been upgraded several times. Each upgrade requires us to bring smaller modules up to date. A module is a small "addon" that improves forum functionality/appearance, such as the tagging system, application forms, etc. Some of these modules were not compatible on upgrade, necessitating workarounds and/or temporary fixes. More pressing was the fact that some older modules had potential security flaws which prompted the immediate closure of the forums.

    The good news is that the forum software is in better shape than ever. For the techies; we've updated PHP, vBulletin, most modules, and our themes. We also switched from VBSEO to DBSEO, and shed every module that might cause security issues.

    The bad news is that we've lost some minor features. The roster module is gone, as is the paid referral module that some of you used. All referral balances have been recorded and will be paid out accordingly.

    No doubt there will be some minor issues moving forward. If you find any, please do report them.

    If you're still experiencing issues with blank pages, try clearing your cache and cookies.

    Thanks for your patience and enjoy the forums!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sterling View Post
    More pressing was the fact that some older modules had potential security flaws which prompted the immediate closure of the forums.
    I feel much better knowing that you hold security on this website in high regard, thank you for this, and the service that you provide.

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    Thanks for keeping the place in top shape @Sterling - and for being transparent about stuff that's going on.



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