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    Gold with Pets 2015-2016

    Midsummer Fire Festival 2016 (

    While the Midsummer Fire Festival we are able to farm 3 pets and sell them for about 5-40k Gold through the year. But where do we get these pets?

    Blazing Cindercrawler

    blazing consortium.png

    Ice Chip

    ice chip consort.png

    Captured Flame

    flame consort.png

    Where do we get these Burning Blossom ?

    Part 1:

    In Eastern Kingdom, Kalimdor, Outland, Nordend and Pandaria are many places where we can find tents of the Midsummer Fire Festival. It is about 50/50 Horde/Alliance but we can use the camps of both fractions.

    ! Quest: Honor the flame (48 x 5 Alliance / 46 x 5 Horde / 9 x 15 both fractions)

    Every Camp has one fire we could honor. There is a NPC near the fire with this quests. We are able to start and end it there.

    Rewards: 5x Burning Blossom + 7,70g
    In Pandaria and Cataclysm Zones the reward is 15x Burning Blossom

    ! Quest: Desecrate the Fire (46 x 10 Alliance / 48 x 10 Horde)

    You have to desecrate the fire of the enemy fraction camps. There is a NPC near the fire with this quests. We are able to start and end it there.

    Reward: 10x Burning Blossom + 15g40s

    Where do we find these places?

    I would recommend to use HandyNote_SummerFestival and TomTom. With these two addons you will see all camps of both factions on your map.


    Download: HandyNotes_SummerFestival and TomTomOpens

    With all spawn spoints you should have about 835 Burning Blossom in your bag.

    Part 2:

    ! Stealing Xīs Flame (4x25 Burning Blossom (A/H))

    In Orgrimmar, Silvermoon, Exodar, Undercity, Ironforge, Stormwind, Darnasus and Thunder Bluff are big green-blue fireplaces near the Midsummer Suppliers. You have to steal the fire of the enemy capital city.
    Every fraction is able to steal 4 flames and you will get 25 Burning Blossom each flame.

    Part 3:
    Eventboss Lord Ahune

    Ahune can be queued by selecting "The Frost Lord Ahune" in the Dungeon Finder tool, or by speaking to the Earthen Ring Elder located in any main Midsummer camp. Upon defeating Ahune for the first time per day, you will receive gold and a Satchel of Chilled Goods which contains a few Burning Blossom (about 5-15) and has a chance of 3% containing the frost chip (Pet 2.000-6.000g).
    This will be 70-210 Burning Blossom in 14 days.

    Conclusion: As you can see, it is very easy and fast to farm these Burning Blossom. Theoretically we can get about 1.500 Burning Blossom with one charakter including Dailys. One charakter is able to buy 4 pets (4x350 Burning Blossom).
    I think 700 Burning Blossom is the best and fastest way to farm with each charakter.

    During the event the offer will increase and the price will decrease. So if you donīt need the gold i would recommend to sell these pets 3-4 months after this event.

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    You forgot the various dailies. One of them awards very fast 10 blossoms by taking the Outland portal, for lvl 58+ (there are lower lvl versions, but those need extensive travel time).

    As a personal opinion, honoring and desecrating the fires is very time consuming and i wouldn't suggest doing it with more than 1-2 chars, unless you want the xp/gold AND the blossoms as well.



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