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    Disenchanting for Maelstrom Crystals?

    So far on sites like wowhead, I haven't seen anything on this, so I could be totally wrong. However, with Cataclysm out, I'm assuming the Crown Chemical Co. will be dropping level 85 items. I can't remember if we had any holiday events around the time WotLK came out, but I'm assuming it would be possible for this boss to drop epics. If not, maybe they'll be dropping blue gear that disenchants into heavenly shards?

    So has anyone heard what the CCC will be dropping this season, and if it'll be disenchantable?

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    I'm fairly certain the new items are Are Rare not Epic - for example Winking Eye of Love (couldn't use item tags.. old 226 epic of the same name from prior year).

    While this item is marked as Disenchantable (500), I expect that to change.. I can't remember an event that was farmable for shards.



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