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    [Tip] Secret Firework Schematics From Engineering

    Yay, a new tip that I have yet to see on any forums/blogs.

    Engineers can craft , which at first appears to be "A random bundle of fireworks!" However, when opened up, these fireworks have a good chance at containing one of the following schematics.

    Now to give you an idea of how unknown these things are, at the time of this post, there were less than 10 of each across all horde US realms. It's probably not something I'd advertise in trade chat, but try posting them on your realm for a decent price and see what happens.

    Important: Do not learn the schematics! Once you do, you will no longer receive them!
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    Thanks Valdron, I've just made a bunch of these and I suspect I've worked out the drop rate. If you've learned a schematic or have it in your inventory you won't get another. Mail any schematics to an alt however, and it seems to be a guaranteed drop.

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    Just made 7 Fireworks. got 3/5 recipes from just that.

    I'll be trying to sell it (first at 1k gold, but ill try 500g next) and post my results.
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    Hmmm, sounds like a niche market and the problem with a niche market is that someone will tell other people about the 'secret' tip (tm) and then everyone knows it and the niche evaporates.

    Might make a little gold whilst the market is still asleep, but by the same token, consider who your market for these schematics are - other engineers.



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