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    Weapon - Mighty Intellect, 1H & 2H Agility in 90 Minutes, 0g investment

    While it has been skimmed in previous posts , I wanted to give some additional detail to clarify some changes to some of the rep based recipes.

    First, I want to be clear. I did this with a lvl 58 Goblin DK, no flight mount etc, so it would likely be even faster at 60+.
    The Diplomacy racial would also speed things up.

    As noted by Aeg and others, rep turn ins have increased significantly since Cataclysm, however, what you might not have noticed is low level quests that also give considerable rep. Some of the quests are new due to the Cataclysm event.
    This guide details how I was able to bring Timbermaw Hold and Thorium Brotherhood rep from entry point to Revered, with 0g gold and 90 minutes of time investment.
    So here goes.

    1. Timbermaw Hold:
    Fly to the most northern flight point available to you in Felwood (note two Neutral FPs and one for each Faction)

    Travel to the north eastern part of the map in front of the Timbermaw Hold, there you will find two NPCs,
    Nafien and

    Grab the three quests:
    Deadwood of the North
    Disarming Bears
    Stupid Drizle!

    Killing any Felpaw Furbolg will give 20 rep (60 for the Chief) while completing these quests.
    After turn in you should be around Friendly Reputation.
    You will also start to see in the loot table for the Felpaw.
    Head back down and start killing Furbs. You will likely almost immediately loot a if you haven’t already.

    Bring this in to Kernda inside the Timbermaw Hold. Head back out to kill more Furbs for feathers.
    If the math works out, you’re going to need to collect approximately 40
    Don’t worry, the drop rate is decent and there’s a quick respawn.

    Once you have Forty you’ve likely killed sufficient bears along with this turn in to hit revered.

    Do your turn ins, go inside the Timbermaw Hold and grab your Goodies.
    This took 45 mins while taking SSs and competing on mobs with two others.

    2. Thorium Brotherhood.
    Now that you’ve slaughtered all the Furbies, it’s time to move on to the Dark Iron.
    Fly into Searing gorge and head to the east. At Thorium Advance you will find a group of individuals to provide you quests.

    The completion of these quest lines led me back to Thorium Point.
    The quest line there lead me to Iron Summit, and finally into the Slag Pit.
    I did not do any follow up quests with Lunk.

    By the time I reached the bottom of the Slag Pit (where I’m sure each of us has killed a few thousand Incendosaures) I had hit revered.
    This also happened to take 45 mins. Repping to exalted can now be completed with Residue from Revered.

    Side Note: If more enchanters learn about the ease at which this can be done it could greatly diminish the value of these enchants which currently go for 400-700g depending on server economics.

    I hope that you can benefit from this information. Remember when this used to be difficult?
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    Great tip! Didn't know it was that easy now. I will definitly go grind my way to exalted with Timbermaw now, for . And get my thorium groove on aswell.

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    I will be doing this on my rogue enchanter tonight. +rep! Thanks for the screenshots!

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    On a side note regarding Timbermaw Hold reputation:
    If the area in Felwood is flooded with toons grinding rep, you can finish the few basics in Felwood and become neutral, then you can go through to Winterspring and do the quests on that side to earn the rep as well. As a level 55 pally, the grind was fast and painless.

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    Just to put a number to this context: the beads in Winterspring gives ~1400 Rep for the first quest (10 needed), the next is the best part: for every repeatable turn in (only 5 beads) you get 2000 Rep! All the quests in Winterspring and Felwood gives 1000+ Rep per quest, I went from Honoured to Exalted in about 15 min. Happy grinding guys.

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    Did this on my alt. Unfortunately, LBS are rare on the AH and I don't have the time to farm them. Ditto for Essence of Air. Still, I have the enchants now, and that's good enough for me.

    One note: it took me a lot longer to get to Revered with TB and I had to poke through the quests a bit, but I got there. In hindsight, I probably should have just picked up the Hearts and Cores after a specific amount of time. Still, awesome guide!

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    Bump for an old but awesome thread!
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    I did this with my enchanter, it's possible to make some profit with those enchants, but they are rather slow selling.

    You will need Essence of Air and Large Brilliant Shards for these enchants. Either get them from the AH (sometimes extremely expensive) or go farm them.

    Essence of Air --> Dust Stormer - NPC - World of Warcraft
    Large Brilliant Shard --> Sergeant's Cloak - Item - World of Warcraft

    The cloak costs 55 honor, which isn't much, and can be disenchated. With the new changes to PvP rewards, you always gain honor AND conquest points from random BGs. So at some point in the future you will have to dump your honor somehow while still collecting conquest points...

    I guess these two will get really profitable when MoP kicks in, lots of low level pandas and monks...
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