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    Titanium Toolbox: Not Just For Engineers

    Titanium Toolbox is a 32 slot crafting bag that holds Engineering Crafting Items, but you may be suprised as to what all this thing can hold. Almost any character can benefit from having one of these in the bank and anyone farming Eternals or Primals will love it.

    Other than obvious engineering items and recipes, Titanium Toolbox also holds some things you may not expect. These also can go into a Titanium Toolbox:

    All Eternals (Life, Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Shadow)
    All Crystallized

    All Primals (Air, Mana, Earth, Fire, Water, Life, Shadow)
    All Motes

    All Essenses (Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Undeath, Living)

    Primal Might
    Primal Nether

    Flask of Mojo

    Ichor of Undeath
    Elemental Fire
    Elemental Air
    Elemental Earth
    Heart of Fire

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    This is definitely a great tip as I revisited this since I am currently stockpiling materials. Another recommendation would be for most of the same materials. It will not hold , , and obviously the engineering materials, but obviously you can hold any ore you are hoarding. It also has a slightly smaller material cost.