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    Guide: Soloing World Bosses - 1000g in 25 minutes

    *Check out the final version of Realm First 85 posted in the Power Leveling forum!


    Today's post is sponsored by , your latest snatch list item.

    I'd like to share my latest WoW success. If you follow the Share Your Latest Deals thread, you probably read that I was fortunate enough to pick up for only 2100g (screenshot). My investment paid off within only a few days, as I've successfully flipped the sword for 15kg (screenshot).

    But today's post is about something else. Today we'll talk about killing world bosses for profit (and fun?). Now that we've killed off the world dragons, we're going to need a new spot to park those alts and some new baddies to kill.

    [npc]Doomwalker[/npc] and [npc]doom lord kazzak[/npc] are world bosses that most players would recognize. Both were introduced in The Burning Crusade, and both can be soloed by certain classes. A third, less known world boss is [npc]Teremus the devourer[/npc], a level 60 dragon located in the Blasted Lands.

    Teremus the Devourer

    Teremus can be soloed by virtually any class at 80, and most classes at 70. His mechanics are very simple and downing him shouldn't take you more than a few minutes. He is located in north west Blasted Lands, and roams near the Rise of the Defiler. His respawn time is between 20-24 hours.

    He drops 1-3 , which can be turned in at [npc]Kum'isha the Collector[/npc] for the quest [quest]to serve kum'isha[/quest] and [quest]kum'isha's endeavors[/quest], which reward a random rare or epic item, and perhaps even a recipe. Conservatively, I'd estimate his kill value around 350g, not bad for 10 minute's work on an unused alt, wouldn't you agree?

    I haven't seen him since the Shattering, let's just hope he's still in-game (there are no documented changes indicating that he's been removed).


    Doomwalker is a Fel Reaver sent by Kil'Jaeden to assault the gates of the Black Temple in Shadowmoon Valley. More importantly, he's a loot pinata so we don't really care where he's from or who sent him.

    Unfortunately this loot pinata hits back so you'll need a well-geared character to take him out. He has several unavoidable abilities that will slowly drain your health - so you need a class with solid self-healing and high mitigation;
    • Hunter with T5 and a turtle pet.
    • Blood Death Knight.
    • Prot Paladin.

    Since the new talent trees have been in place, I'm sure more classes may be able to solo this guy - apparently rogues and warlocks have joined the club. In terms of strategy, take advantage of his knockback, as it grants you a small window to kite away his stacking sunder debuff and heal up. At 20%, he gets really pissed and starts hitting quite hard, so save some cooldowns for this phase.

    According to WoWwiki, his respawn behavior goes something like this:

    Initial spawn:
    - Tuesday Night, very late (~1-5%)
    - Wednesday Night (50-80%)
    - Thursday Night (15-20%)


    - 2 days after previous kill (30%)
    - 3 days after previous kill (40%)
    - 4 days after previous kill (30%)

    He drops ~500g and 2 BoE epics, which can be sold for quite a bit;

    Not sure
    Not sure
    Not sure

    Forget the fact that WotLK greens are better, these things are purple so they sell well.

    *Tip: allows you to teleport next door to him and check if he has spawned.

    Doom Lord Kazzak

    Kazzak is located at the Throne of Kil'Jaeden in northern Hellfire Peninsula. He has ~850k HP, as this fight is a "kill fast or die fast" type encounter. The kill is extremely difficult for most classes. I've only read about a 50k HP prot Paladin taking him down after 20-25 minutes. Kazzak will put a magic debuff (Twisted Reflection) on you, healing himself for 3k per tick - this is the main mechanic that makes this fight difficult (besides the insane damage).

    Beast Mastery hunters can reportedly solo this boss easily, as pets will not be targeted by most of Kazzak's abilities. Maybe I'll try this tonight.

    His spawn time should be the same as most world bosses (see Doomwalker's spawn schedule). Just like Doomwalker, he is very profitable and drops ~500g and epics:


    I don't recommend hearthing or traveling just to check for these bosses (unless you have a Medallion for Doomwalker), as this adds 10-15 minutes to the average time investment per kill. If you can afford to do so, park an alt at their spawn locations and check them routinely.

    And that's it for today! Any other soloists out there? If so, share your experience!
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    Maybe this is the same article that inspired you to write up your more efficient and profitable article, but for those that haven't read it yet here it is:

    Apparently he just soloed Kael'Thas in The Eye.

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    atleast on my hunter, since the removal of hawk eye, DLK is no longer soloable, cant beat the enrage on pet dmg alone. :X

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    I'd like to add that the gun Barrel-bladed longblade from doomwalker is a VERY sought out items among 70 twinks.
    I'd put it on the AH at a 4k starting price and then keep dropping it till it sells (stop at 2k imo)

    Oh and, farming MC / BWL for sulfuron ingots / elementium ores could end up making you a high profit.
    Low drop rate? Yes.
    Totally worth it if you like the raid instance? Yes.
    Some classes can solo it, you could also just reserve the items some people still needs the achievement.

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    Ran into Teremus the Devour today, he's still around. Unfortunately he only dropped the regular which drops off any mob in the zone (and does so often).
    These quests awards one random BoE green item.

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    Well, even if Teremus no longer drops the flawless shpere, Grunter does, I got one off of him.

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    Teremus does drop a flawless sphere, i got one off of him a couple of weeks ago (during christmas veil) was thinking of selling it on the AH but never remembered... thank god haha i didnt know how valuable it really was

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    It seems like all the rare-mobs has their flawless drop rate reduced. I killed 5 using the targeting macro and only 1 dropped the flawless stone. Others are all greens. But I did get Glowing Brightwood Staff out of the chest which made me very happy.



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