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    Quick Guide: Arc Inventory

    A few people have commented on my Bag addon from this post Millionaires Club, the addon in question is ArkInventory which has been around for ages the only difference is i use rules to sort my bags

    So here is some advice on setting them up

    1: click on the "Rules" button , this is the book in the top right hand off the window

    2: This will bring up the window as shown , click on the button "Add"

    3: Next Window is where we add the rules we want

    In this case Jadefire Ink id( "43118" ) the number being the item number
    you can also use rules like

    type( "glyph" ) and tooltip( "Hunter" )
    name( "scroll" )

    Also notice the Order: number , this is for when you have two rules that conflict
    so you could have name( "Jade" ) and name( "Jadefire" ) if you have Jade with a number of 90 then it would grab items with jade and Jadefire, so in this case we give "Jadfire" a lower number to over rule "Jade"

    Here is a link for more Examples

    4: Next Click on the Cog , again in the top right of the window

    What you are seeing is all the separate areas for your bags,click on a number this will bring up a menu as shown you can use default item sorting if you want or you can assign the rules you create as shown

    Hope this helps some of you out , nothing like having neat bags to quickly find items you are looking for

    P.S sorry for the wrong spelling on the forum link , i cant change it
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    I was unaware of this addon. Very nice. I have been using bagnon so far and it has some excellent abilities, but the rules and sorting functions of ArkInventory seem to make it superior in a lot of ways. Thanks for sharing.

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    Amazing Post. I religiously use Ark Inventory and would not be able to manage all my stockpiling if i didn’t. This is one of the addons I cannot live without.

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    I am going to have to find some time to install this and set up the rules. Bagnon simply is not meeting my needs at this point.

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    i installed it and love it! thanks for the tut.



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