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    I just finished setting it up on my Win7 x64 machine and it works flawlessly. Thanks for putting this guide together!

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    Hey, I've gotten everything set up per the original instructions, however though the .ps1 file will download the file and extract it if I run the script manually I cannot get the scheduled task to download and extract anything. When done manually I see everything work fine, otherwise the PS window pops up briefly and then vanishes and nothing else happens. Any way I could figure out what's going wrong?

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    Double check the modified date on the files. The whole process simply replaces the files. The command prompt that briefly pops up does the job.

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    Tried this today and works great. I did have to edit the WoW path since mine is setup differently, C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft but got it all working on a test run. I'll check later to see if it runs the tasks as scheduled.

    Thanks again!

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    ok i didn't want task scheduler to do this because i found it was interrupting some games, instead i changed it all so as i launch the script and when its finished it aluchnes the game. nice cause when you go in game all your information is a few seconds old.

    the scripted changed to load wow afterwards
    #This should be set your your base addon directory in wow
    $directory = "C:\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns"
    #fix powershell's idiotic notion working directory
    cd $directory
    # Download the file
    $object = New-Object Net.WebClient
    #your undermine addon link
    $url = " Vv7OexSi16&realms=A-Lightbringer"
    $local = $directory + "\"
    $object.DownloadFile($url, $local)
    # Extract the file
    $shell_app = new-object -com shell.application
    $filename = ""
    $zip_file = $shell_app.namespace((Get-Location).Path + "\$filename")
    $destination = $shell_app.namespace((Get-Location).Path)
    $destination.Copyhere($zip_file.items(), 0x14)
    Invoke-Item "C:\world of warcraft\wow-64.exe"


    then make a shortcut to the script, on this shortcut, properties, and make the target =

    powershell.exe -windowStyle Hidden -Command "& 'C:\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\TUJ.ps1'"

    this is now your wow shortcut, i stick it on the taskbar, now when i want to play wow, i click on this shortcut, it downloads latest from UJ and then launches into the game.

    the only catch is that instead of having the "w" circle wow icon you have the blue powershell icon, i am sure there is an easy way around this but i am not bothered by what an icon looks like.

    Aeriwen - thanks so much for thinking of this and doing it. i love this so much

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    So everything was going fine....the ps1 file was working fine, then today I notice it's not pulling new data. So I double check a few things and the only way to get the file to run now is to manually open WPS and type ./TUJ.ps1. Has there been something that would have broken this? I've checked auths and permissions and nothing is fixing the problem.

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    Maybe the new Windows Updates from tuesday/wednesday changed something? Does somebody else have similar problems? I didn't install the updates yet.

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    awesome this is working well. thanks a lot

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    Just set this up too, started with trying out wget, but having issues, Google brought me here and all is right with the world. Thanks!

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    Not sure what I am doing wrong. I did everything as stated in your post. Changed my game path from what you had to "C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\Interface\addons" where my install is. If I right click the TUJ.PS1 file and say to run with powershell it works fine. The task scheduler setup does nothing for me.

    Manually I see the zip file downloaded to my addon directory and the files updated. With scheduler nothing. Any ideas?


    Disregard, I found my problem. I had an extra space in my folder location. lol, very hard to see the extra space typed in there.
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