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    How to Set Up Enchanting in TSM Like a Boss

    How to Set Up Enchanting in TSM Like a Boss Part 1

    Alright, hold onto your pants cause @Sapu94 and I are about to lead you to the Enchanting Promise Land. I have 1000% confidence that enchanting is the most profitable profession in World of Warcraft, but before today it was an utter pain to setup so that the profit settings were optimal. Thanks to Sapu that is no longer the case. In approximately 10 minutes you can go from not monetizing enchanting scrolls at all to having it perfectly set up for scrolls. How do you accomplish this? I am going to show you how. If you aren't excited at this point you should be, cause your mind is about to be blown. Unlike any other profession Enchanting's crafts are heavily, and frequently restricted by ilvl ranges so that you have to have certain ilvl gear to enchant them with better enchants. Why is this awesome? It means that older crafts remain relevant and due to the esoteric way that many formulas are obtained new enchanters are heavily gated in entering markets. Thanks to this and the vast amount of ignorance on this point (many people contest that Enchanting is a terrible profession for raking in gold) enchanting is a killer profession for profits on the scrolls alone--not only this but it also has the most synergy among any of the other professions. Even with inscription enchanting can come into usefulness and you can level the profession profitably.

    Is that awesome? Yes, yes it is. Anyways, onto the main event which I think you should be salivating on, because you are about to be force fed some steak, (sorry goblin vegetarians, this post is only for greedy, carnivorous Goblin champions). I have taken screen shots of every step along the way that is necessary to be taken after TSM is installed. Note: first you need to install the soon to be made available release version of TSM, which is available if you are an ethereal contributor or a wind trader.

    However, Sapu tells me it will hit the general public soon. Also, install The Undermine Journal General Edition, which you can get here:

    Addon Link

    For the purposes of managing addon updates I have found the curse client to be great. It's available for both windows and macs. The download link is here: Curse Client

    First, go to the tradeskill master crafting enchanting profession button. Click Force Rescan of Profession (Advanced)

    Next, go to every subcategory (2H weapon, Boots, Bracers, etc.) and click Enable All Crafts.

    Then create an Enchanting Category in the Trade Skill Master Auctioning Module

    Next, return to the Trade Skill Master Crafting Module. Go to each subcategory under Crafts and click on Create Auctioning Groups.

    Then, click on the button next under How to add crafts to Auctioning. Select All in Individual Groups.

    Then, click on Category to put groups into: select the enchanting category that you created earlier. Next click on Add Crafted Items from this Group to Auctioning Groups. Do this for each subcategory. This will put each craft in its own auctioning group under the enchanting category. Many enchants sell for up to 700% of their crafting value, so doing something like only 200% is going to kneecap your profits unnecessarily.

    Next, set the threshold as 110% of the %AuctionDB - Crafting Cost. Set the fallback price as 125% of The Undermine Journal - Market Average GE price.

    The reason setting scroll group prices up this way is superior to any other methods is that the undermin journal market average GE price (or median) is that the undermine journal is scanning every auction house in your continent every hour and keeps this price history for 2 weeks as a moving average, which means that price trends will be followed for the past 2 weeks. Not only does this allow for super quick setup of the enchanting crafts it also means that the prices will keep up with inflation in WoW, which especially going into the next expansion will be 100% or more over several months into it Simply put, if the fallback prices do not constantly adjust themselves you will need to do a lot of manual work. Then, go to the auction house and perform a get all scan. This step is necessary so that the material prices are as up to date as possible. If you have Trades Skill Master's autoupdating program this price data will be even better. The TSM external program can be downloaded here: Trade Skill Master Auto Updater

    Next, it's useful to ensure that the pricing data that the Trade Skill Master Crafting module will use is sensible. Go to the Crafting Module then click on Price / Inventory Settings. This will bring up the window where the price and inventory settings can be adjusted.

    I like to use pricing data that takes into account more than just the current scan or the last scan performed. Utilizing data from the past week or two weeks allows for a much more stable material and craft pricing information. So, I use either The Undermine Journal Realm Edition for material prices or the TSM Auction DB as they utilize what is referred to as a moving average, which essentially is just using pricing information from the past week or two weeks when performing various relevant calculations.

    I also recommend changing the category settings for the max restock amount and the and minimum profit % and minimum profit in gold so that the very low profit scrolls are not queued and also that for the initial crafting round only 2 of each are queued up. Once you get a feel for what is selling out before you recraft, change the amount restocked for that scroll as described in the guide. Click on the Enchanting Button withing the Crafting Module, then click options. Next, click the override max restock quantity and set it to 2. Enable Override minimum profit and set it to percent and gold amount. Change the minimum profit to 10-20% and the minimum profit to 40 or so gold. I feel that if the scroll is not at least this profitable that it is not worth my time to create.

    However, lets say that someone is trying to control material prices in such a way that due to the material being not very common or in low supply that addons which rely on having reasonable pricing data will behave poorly. In the case of TSM this would entail crafts that are profitable appearing to be unprofitable to the addon as it reflects the supply seen on the auction house rather than what your actual material prices may be if you are doing cross faction purchases or manufacturing them through other means. Fortunately, Trade Skill Master lets you input fixed pricing for material costs. It's useful to take advantage of so that items commonly controlled actually reflect their actual pricing data for your setup. In order to do this, click on the Materials subcategory after the Enchanting tab is opened. Then click on the material whose price you wish to adjust. As an example I am changing the price of Abyss Crystals to a fixed price.

    Then, click the Override Price Source, followed by clicking Custom Value. Enter the price you wish for the crafting module to use. I set it as 24g in this example.

    In order to get current pricing data, or add to the pricing data for materials and crafts we need to run a get all scan, especially if you are not using the Trade Skill Master Auto Updater. Note: if you are using either the undermine journal realm edition or the undermine journal general edition you can skip this step. However, if you are using the Trade Skill Master Auction DB (AucDb) you should do this step to ensure the most accurate price measurements.

    Next, click on Crafts, then Show Craft Management Window.

    Once that step is taken, click on Restock Queue. This queues up all the crafts that are less than the number of scrolls already made.

    Note: once you have set up all these scroll groups and after each restocking session you want to increase the number of scrolls queued if you sold out of those scrolls before the next recrafting. This is absolutely essential for optimal monetization for each interval. It is done by clicking on Additional Item Settings for Each Group. It is not all that time intensive due to only some scrolls selling out quickly.

    Then change the Max Restock Quantity to the next level, repeat this process for each recrafting process until you no longer sell out of the scroll by the next recrafting session.

    Next, click on the Auctioning module. Click on the Enchanting category that appears on the left, the same one as created earlier. Click on Category Overrides. Scroll down to where it says Reset Method. This setting is outlined in red below.

    Right click on the greyed out box which says Don't Post Items on it.

    Next, select Post at Fallback.

    Setting up the enchanting category in this way will cause the scrolls to post at the fallback price setting selected earlier in the guide whenever a competitor's scroll is on the Auction House posted below your personal crafting cost. Posting in this manner ensures that the scroll prices on your realm will be reset naturally overtime even if you do not engage in micromanagement on the auction house. It's common perception that competitor's items are present on the auction house all the time, which I have not found to be the case in any market.

    Finally, go to your favorite auctioneer with the created scrolls from earlier.

    Congratulations, if you've followed this guide setting up, crafting, and posting scrolls to the AH is absolutely optimal. Warning: your jaw may drop when you realize the insane profits myself and others are seeing. Hint: it's in the tens of thousands every day.

    How to Set Up Enchanting in TSM Like a Boss Part 2

    Another profitable advantage in enchanting is disenchanting items from the auction house for profit. This is extremely useful for ensuring a continuing stockpile of enchanting materials by taking advantage of gear dumped on the auction house by people leveling up other professions. This process is very simple, and it only requires taking advantage of shopping lists. These shopping lists use the upcoming changes to the auction tab (new feature) in the release version of Trade Skill Master.

    Enchant Materials Shopping Lists

    Astral Essence
    Celestial Essence
    Cosmic Essence
    Eternal Essence
    Magic Essence
    Mystic Essence
    Nether Essence
    Planar Essence
    Small Radiant Shard
    Large Radiant Shard
    Large Brilliant Shard
    Small Heavenly Shard
    Large Heavenly Shard

    Importing the Shopping Lists

    First, click on Shopping Lists and then Import Shopping Lists

    Then, enter a Shopping list name and copy the text from the shopping lists above. Do this for each shopping list.

    Using the Auction Tab

    Click on Show Saved Searches. Then click on one of the shopping lists created in the previous steps.

    This will search for all the terms on the shopping list. Then click sort by item price.

    Trade Skill Master may add an option to include a column which calculates the market price difference between the market price of the enchant mats and the cost of the item. Whenever this number is positive you want to buy that item. Until this feature is implemented I am using Auctionator's tooltip information that shows the market value of the enchant mats when you hover over the item. You can see that information inside the red box on the tooltip below.

    Trade Skill Master's Auctioning Tab currently does not feature something similar to Auctioneer's Quick Buyout. With that in mind, and understanding sometimes you are buying many items in a row I have created a macro which you only have to press twice instead of moving a mouse around to 3 areas and clicking 3 buttons, which makes this process much faster.

    /click ScrollTable3Row1col1
    /click TSMAHTabBuyoutButton
    /click TSMAHConfirmationActionButton
    That is all that is necessary to profitably disenchant items in World of Warcraft.

    Finally, once you have all these enchanting mats created, and the scroll market is saturated how should the enchant materials be brought to the market so that an optimal sell through rate is implemented? Sapu has a great post about this very topic that extends to enchanting. You can read it here: Stack Size Matters

    How to Set Up Enchanting in TSM Like a Boss Part 3

    Next is an incredibly powerful feature that really trivializes auction house micromanagement when it comes to resetting markets and taking advantage of underpriced items, effectively outsourcing crafting and drying up others supply by brute force and courage of heart. What is fantastic about this feature is that you can set it up at a category level, which makes it very fast to implement.

    First, go into the auctioning tab, click on the enchanting category, scroll down and you will see "include in reset scan" under Reset Scan Settings. Enable this.

    Next, adjust the settings that appear.

    I like these settings currently as only somewhat profitable under priced scrolls appear and the ones that do appear are close to my production cost. Fine tuning this feature will take some experimentation though. Next, add "enchant" to the "Common Search Term" field that is under Category Overrides. This dramatically speeds up reset scans on the order of 50 times in my experience.

    After the reset scan settings are in place, go to the auction house and click on "Reset Auctions." This will start scanning for items to buy out and repost for profit based on the reset settings determined earlier. After you identify which ones you wish to purchase, merely click away with the buying macro I wrote about earlier in this thread.

    Enjoy the profit avalanche. Soon you will be replying to your competitors, "Oh, don't mind me. I am just making it rain gold."

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    Great post man good job.

    For those that are wondering about some of the screenshots, Reverb is using the "Release" version of TSM which is currently only available to Ethereal Contributors, Wind Traders, certain bloggers and developers.

    Sapu will be releasing the release version of TSM within the next few days or week hopefully.
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    I never used TSM the way described here - will definately give it a try, I mainly just gather the materials (from shuffling), and then open my TSM to see what enchants are profitable and craft a bit here and there of what I have available.

    Great post!

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    Great post +rep. Perfect way to set up a low volume, high profit scroll business. I use a similar setup, but not as efficient. I may switch to your system.

    One thing I'd like to add, you can also set up a separate group for scrolls with no competition. For me, this is Enchant Weapon - Agility, Enchant 2H Weapon - Agility, Stealth and a few more. See how far you can push the price.

    And this reminds me - this setup would be fantacular for leveling/twinking blues/epics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinshroud View Post
    Great post man good job.

    For those that are wondering about some of the screenshots, Reverb is using the "Release" version of TSM which is currently only available to Ethereal Contributors, Wind Traders, certain bloggers and developers.

    Sapu will be releasing the release version of TSM within the next few days or week hopefully.
    Gonna update your TSM guide when it's released ?

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    Boss TSM Guides, by Reverb. I love it!
    How To: Create And Sell Profession Kits ---- MoP Shuffle Flowchart ---- Article: A Case For Dual Gathering
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    I made a correction in the step about setting your fallback and threshold in TSM. The threshold should be 110% of the crafting cost. The fallback should be 125% rather than 225% fallback, the latter of which may cause the pricing to be clipped and flat lined in TUJ. The reason to use 125% versus 100% is that you want to ideally get around 100%, the extra 25% gives the market values room to be undercut without being destroyed.

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    Great post Reverb! (+rep)

    One issue though, while I was trying to set this up, I noticed that I was not able to set the % shown in picture # 7. All i have available for changing is "Price Threshold" (under MInimum Price Setting) and Fallback Price" (under Maximum Price Setting).

    Do i need something different?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crkwizard View Post
    Great post Reverb! (+rep)

    One issue though, while I was trying to set this up, I noticed that I was not able to set the % shown in picture # 7. All i have available for changing is "Price Threshold" (under MInimum Price Setting) and Fallback Price" (under Maximum Price Setting).

    Do i need something different?
    You need to have advanced settings turned on in Tradeskillmaster if you haven't already. Also, I added a section (part 3) about how to set up reset scans in the release version of TSM so that you can maximize profits and take advantage of people essentially crafting scrolls for you at cost.

    You need to uncheck hide advanced settings.

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    WOOT!, Thanks!



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