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    The Consortium Addon Series: TradeSkillMaster Addon

    Over time the addon has evolved and improved, so some of the features shown in the screenshots below are not available anymore or have been moved etc. Use this guide as a way to understand the addon features and then if you need anymore help come join us in IRC and we can answer any questions you have.

    Welcome to the second installment of a weekly to bi-weekly addon series for The Consortium Forums hosted by myself and Zoxy.

    Today's guide is all about a new addon that everyone is talking about, TradeSkillMaster! In short, it's every auctioneers dream and every WoW entrepreneur's must have.

    Quote Originally Posted by Author Addon Description
    TradeSkillMaster is a MODULE BASED system to help both NEW Auctioneers and the MOST ELITE AUCTION GOBLINS manage everything related to the Auction House!

    TradeSkillMaster is an addon that is rather complex to setup and takes a bit of time investment, but once setup and working it is a massive time-saver and a VERY powerful weapon in your Auction House PvP arsenal. There are many different tweaks and changes that you can configure, in order to tailor the addon to fit exactly to your personal needs and requirements.

    It's an addon that was developed to actually replace a rather large number of other addons, and incorporate everything into one, easy to use addon with a uniform user interface.

    At the moment TradeSkillMaster is sporting 8 different Core Modules and functions.

    • Crafting: Crafting automatically queues crafts that make solid profit. With plenty of options and customization, players can craft as little or as much as they want. Works with all tradeskills! Conceived from the work of Sapu's excellent and popular addon ScrollMaster!

    • Auctioning: Mostly-intact design from Auction Profit Master (Formally Quick Auctions 3). This module quickly posts auctions based on rules set up manually or automatically (through other modules).

    • Shopping: This module automatically buys materials a user needs, using lists generated from Crafting, or other lists the user creates (such as with Auctioneer's "snatch list". Interfaces with AuctionDB for pricing information!

    • Mailing: Automatically mail items to other characters (ideal for sending large amounts of items to a banker or other crafter). Formally the auto-mailer feature in Auction Profit Master, this module was separated to allow users freedom to chose other mailing addons as needed.

    • AuctionDB: Database module designed to keep memory usage to a minimum. Just like auctioneer, it picks up pricing information from the auction house to use in calculations of profits.

    • Gathering: Currently stores inventory, bank, and gbank information (replacement to datastore). Will soon add the functionality of automatically retrieving needed items from enabled gbanks, personal banks, and alts. Manages inventory as needed, sorts and restacks.

    There were a couple of things that we think could be improved on, or problems that we have encountered so far that will hopefully be fixed soon.
    Currently the authors of TSM have setup a poll HERE where possible new features / recommendations are being voted on. Some of the things we list below are borrowed from there - the most likely candidates.

    • Improvement Suggestion / Want: "Add the capability for TradeskillMaster_Crafting to display crafted patterns that you DON'T KNOW, similar to what APM used to do. This will help you identify new patterns to purchase." - Another excellent idea, especially for those used to using APM. This will help a lot if you are still busy trying to purchase all the JC recipes with tokens or don't want to farm/buy all those Pyrium Bars to buy the top tier Blacksmithing Plans.

    • Improvement Suggestion / Want: "When cancelling auctions, put the info for the lowest bid/buyout on the screen with the info about my post - then I can decide if I want to look and possibly buy out whoever has undercut me instead of cancelling." - This is something I've personally wanted - but to also include how many items have undercut my auction, especially when it comes to cancelling a large number of undercut items such as Glyphs. I'm not going to bother relist a glyph if I've only been undercut once and by 10-20g at a time.

    • Improvement Suggestion / Want: "Add smelting as a supported profession. Sometimes you can make gold by turning ores into bars." - I've made quite a bit of gold buying Elementium Ore, making Elementium Bars, then making Hardened Elementium Bars with Volatile Earth and selling for a significant profit.

    • Improvement Suggestion / Want:
      "In the mailer addon, add option to mail non soul bound green items to a enchanter to de." - Love this idea, especially since I'm constantly needing to DE tons of greens found on all my different alts, as well as get friends and guildies sending me items to DE on the wrong characters.

    If you like some of those improvement ideas, go vote!

    • Problem: A big problem is that if you do a restock queue it will find all items that are profitable (set by your thresholds) - but it will find all profitable items, not just items that have been selling. So if there is a old item on the market it will queue it up for you.

    • Problem: In the purchasing module, you can't see the full list of the items that you could buy, it only shows you the cheapest item.

    You can download TradeSkillMaster HERE but you must ALSO download all the modules (_crafting, _auctioning, _shopping, _mailing, _auctiondb and _gathering) HERE. Without those modules, TSM won't very of much use

    If this is your first time using an Addon, you can follow our guide HERE on how to safely and successful download an addon, how to install it properly and how to keep it up-to-date!

    • Before logging in, if you have in the past used addons such as ZeroAuctions, MailOpener, ScrollMaster, AuctionProfitMaster (APM), etc or any addon that performs a similar function to TSM - I recommend that you disable those addons to avoid conflict or confusion.

    • It is possible to copy across your settings from APM if you wish, but I would recommend a fresh install just incase. If you wish to rather copy across your settings from APM, simply leave the addon enabled alongside TSM when you login.

    You will then get the following message:

    • This will then move your current groups over to TSM from APM, BUT it will NOT setup the Fallback or Thresholds - so remember to re-setup those settings.

    Anyways, the next thing to do now is bring up the primary TradeSkillMaster interface by typing /tsm.

    The core feature of TSM is basically selling items easily. To do so you need to create a group for the item(s) that you wish to sell and then assign them certain settings in terms of how long the auction should be posted for, how much to undercut your competitors by, what the minimum price the auction should be posted at, etc.

    So click on the Golden Coin Icon, the second icon from the top, on the right. (Screenshot above)

    (Your TSM Categories/Groups won't list "glyphs" and "limited supply" under it)

    We recommend leaving the General Settings exactly as they are, no need to change anything. You can click the "Create Macro and Bind Scrollwheel" button if you want, can come quite in handy - but we will give you some nice macros later.

    Go ahead and click on the Profiles tab. (Screenshot above)

    It's always good to create a profile for any addon if given the option. It ensures that the chosen options and configuration are always saved, and it also allows you to switch between different options and configurations if you wish.

    You may want to have different profiles for different characters and bank alts, depending on what they are selling and what your intention with them is.

    Even if I don't see myself using more than 1 profile, I name my first profile after the character that I will mainly be using the addon on, plus his realm. So for example, for me: "Glyphcraft - Silvermoon".
    • All you need to do to create a profile, is in the "New" field, type in the name of the profile you want and hit the "Okay" button.
    • If you want to switch between profiles you can select a profile from the "Existing Profiles" drop down menu.
    • If you want to create another profile, but want very similar settings to another profile, you can simply "Copy From" that profile so you do not need to re-setup everything again from scratch. (for example, you don't have to re-add all your People of Interest)
    • Deleting a profile is also fairly straight forward. Select the profile from the "Delete a Profile" drop down menu and hit "Okay".

    Ok now we can really start getting things configured.

    Select "Categories / Groups" from the left side menu, and then select the "Create Category / Group" tab from the top middle menu.

    • For our guide on setting up TSM's Groups and Auctioning Modules, we're going to be using Glyph Posting as my example. If you like to sell Glyphs or would like to in the future, we recommend that you follow a long, rather than trying to simultaneously setup a group for a completely different item with different values.
    • In the Group Name field, type "Glyphs" and hit the "Okay" button.
    • You will see the Group display under Categories / Groups menu on the left side like in my screenshot.
    • For now leave the Category Name, that is only necessary when you start selling a large variety of items or have many different groups.

    When it comes to this part of setting up the group settings, you can choose to create "Auction Default" settings, or you can override those settings and create a new set of rules for each individual category or group.
    I would recommend that you ignore the "Auction Default" settings and ALWAYS apply individual override settings to every group that you create.

    Click on the "Add/Remove Items" tab so we can start adding items to our group before we decide on the settings. (Screenshot above)

    If you wish, you could do this after you have setup the settings if you don't have any items in your inventory that you want to add yet.

    In the left panel you will find a list of all the BoE items that are in your inventory. You then select the item(s) you want and click on "Add" to move them across into the group (they will now display in the right panel).

    If you want to move a large amount at once (for example a large amount of different glyphs) you can type part of the name (like "glyph") into the "Select Matches" field, hit the Okay button and then press "Add".
    The only downfall of this is that you have to have the items in your inventory before you can add them to a group. Not really a trainsmash though.

    Now that you have items in your group, time to setup their Group Settings in the Group Overrides Tab. (Screenshot above)

    [Note:] When ever there is a feature in here that you don't understand, you can hover over it and you should get a nice tooltip that helps explain properly what each feature does.

    In order to activate the Override settings, you need to RIGHT click on each individual feature.

    • Post Time: When working with Glyphs, it depends on how often you cancel and repost your Glyphs. For me I set mine at the 48 hour Post Time because the deposit fee between 12 hours and 48 hours for glyphs is very insignificant, and it's nice to know that my Glyphs will stay up if I happen to not be able to access WoW for a day or two.

    • Post Cap: This is how many of each auction TSM should allow you to have up at any one time. For example if you set it to 5, it won't post more than 5 of any item in your group.

    • Per Auction: This feature defines your stack size. If you want to post Glyphs in stacks of 5, then you set it to 5. If you want to post Glyphs in stacks of 1, then set it to 1. Don't get confused with Post Cap and Per Auction Stack Size though. If I set my Post Cap to 2 and my Per Auction to 3, it will post 2 lots of 3 Glyphs (e.g. [Glyph of Intervene] X3 + [Glyph of Intervene] X3).

    • Undercut by: When posting Glyphs, TSM scans each Glyph for competitors before posting. We set ours to a 1 copper undercut. If it sees a [Glyph of Intervene] up at 100g by someone else as the lowest price currently up. It will then post your [Glyph of Intervene] up at 99g 99s 99c.

    • Price Threshold: The Price Threshold is the price at which TSM won't post below. If for example it costs you 20 gold to make each glyph, you will want to set your price threshold to 21 gold if you want to ensure that you are not making a loss or wasting your time. If you tell TSM to post your Glyphs, but it finds that your competitors have their Glyphs up below your price threshold, it won't post your Glyphs. (Tip: If this is unusual and their price is very low, you can go buy it up and resell it for a profit!)

    • Price Fallback: If there are no other auctions or competitive glyphs up on the Auction House at the time you tell TSM to post at, it needs a value at which to post because usually it determines the correct value by undercutting your competitors by 1 copper. You can try push your luck here and put your Threshold at an outrageous price like 150g-200g, but I usually have my threshold at 3 times my average cost price for glyphs.

    Ok, you are now ready to start posting your Glyphs. Head over to the Auction House and we will show you how to post, cancel and their status.

    Posting your items from your groups on the Auction House. (Screenshot above)

    When you open the Auction House, you will see small black button in the top right called "TSM". Click it and it will expand the TSM Auction House Window on the right.
    You will then be presented with a list of tabs/buttons on the side. Click the very top one called "Auctioning - Post" (when hovered over).

    Once you do that a couple of things will start happening, and there will be a couple of things that you will need to know:
    • TSM will detect that you have items that need to be posted and will start performing a live Auction House scan for each item, one at a time.

    • In the TSM window below the huge big "Post Auction" Button, it will list what item it's wanting to post. It will also give you information about it such as Stack Size and Number of Stacks (remember Post Cap and Post Per Auction description from the above section of this guide). It will also tell you at what price it's going to post that item at.

    • Right at the bottom of the TSM window you will see a progress bar, the grey part showing you how much it has scanned and is ready to post, the blue bar showing you how much has already been posted.

    • You can then choose to Post Auction, Skip Item or Stop Posting Completely.

    • To save yourself from getting Carpel Tunnel, you can use the Mouse Scroll Macro that we created above when we first opened up the TSM Window at the beginning of this guide, or you can create your own macro that you can keybind to 1 or 2 or 3, etc. I would recommend creating this one:

    /click TSMAucCancelButton
    /click TSMAucPostButton
    • Now all you need to do is spam away until it is all posted (yeah, might seriously make you reconsider how many Glyphs you are posting if you are like me and posting 800-1000g Glyphs at a time hahaha).

    Running a Status Scan aka Babysitting your Auctions (Screenshot above)

    Click on the fourth from the top button on the right menu bar in TSM, and it will open up the "Auctioning - Status/Config" menu.
    • If you click on the "Config" button, it will just bring up the Group Configuration Menu that we setup earlier in this guide, no need to worry about that.

    • Go ahead and click on the "Run Status Scan" button. This could take a while now depending on how many Auctions you have up. TSM will go and scan all your Glyphs, and all your competitors Glyphs of the same type.

    • What this feature basically does is, it runs a scan that helps you then identify auctions you can buyout to raise the price of a group you're managing.

    • This is more for the advanced or slightly more experienced Auctioneers. If this is your first time doing thing kind of thing I recommend that you leave it alone until you are more confident and familiar with the market. If you understand what this feature does and how to use it, I'm sure you can figure the rest out. For now we will skip the rest of this feature.

    Cancelling Items. (Screenshot above)

    "Auctioning - Cancel" button is the second from the top on the left side menu in TSM. It's function is to scan through all your posted Auctions that belong in a TSM Item Group and check to see whether or not you have been undercut. If you have it will then tell you and give you an option to cancel the auction.
    • This ends up becoming quite a vicious cycle of post, cancel, repost, cancel, repost when it comes to competitive Auction House PvP, especially in the Glyph Market - but it's the best way to pull in good sales.

    • Most successful Auctioneers will end up cancelling and reposting their Auctions 1-3 times a day (morning, afternoon, evening, etc).

    • As soon as you open the Auctioning - Cancel window it will start scanning and all you need to do is hit Cancel Auction (or press the macro we made earlier), Skip the item or stop cancelling all together.

    Not going to bother making a separate section for the "Auctioning - Cancel All" tab because it's pretty straightforward. It's the tab below the "Auctioning - Cancel" tab and it allows you to cancel Auctions in batches. If you wish to cancel ALL of your Glyphs, regardless of whether or not they have been undercut you can type "glyph" into the "Cancel Items Matching" window, press Okay and then click "Cancel Matching Items".

    If you want to cancel absolutely everything on the Auction House from your TSM groups, just press the "Cancel All Items" button without anything in the "Cancel All Filter" field.

    AuctionDB - Run Scan (Screenshot above)

    AuctionDB is a database module which works very similar to Auctioneer. It scans items on the auction house for pricing information, and then uses that information to calculate profits and display useful information. The great thing about this is that it's a lot less memory intensive than Auctioneer.

    Another great feature about AuctionDB, is that you can be a lot more particular about what you want to scan. When you go to the AuctionDB - Run Scan tab you will be presented with several different options that you can check.
    • Run GetAll Scan if Possible - A feature that you may be familiar with from Auctioneer, it performs a much quicker scan of the entire Auction House, storing less variables but at the same time getting all the vital information. It's great if you don't have much time or do not want to wait while AuctionDB does a total AH scan.
    • Professions to Scan For - This is great if you are wanting to get some up-to-date data on a certain profession before you start crafting and selling for the day. You can logon to your Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting Bank Alt, run a scan for only those two professions, do what needs to be done, hop onto your Enchanting and Inscription Bank Alt, run a scan for those two professions, etc. Again great for saving time, especially if you do not deal with certain professions.
    • Run Regular Scan - This is big big button that you hit when you want to start the AuctionDB scan. If you have Tailoring and Blacksmithing checked, it will run a scan for only those two. If you have everything checked (except GetAll) it will run a scan for everything. If you have "Run GetAll Scan if Possible" checked, the button text will change to notify you that when you click it, it will run a GetAll scan instead of a Regular Scan.

    There is still "Shopping - General Buying", "Shopping - Milling / Disenchanting / Prospecting", "Shopping - Crafting Mats", "Shopping - Dealfinder" that I have not covered yet. Instead of needing to explain some of those sections twice, but in different ways, I will be coming back to them later. For now we are going to move onto TSM's Crafting Module, and show you how to use TSM (and it's shopping modules, etc) to craft profitable items.

    For now you can close the Auction House window and type /TSM. Then click on the Gem Icon third from the top on the right. (Screenshot above)

    The "Data" tab on the Crafting Options Menu is pretty straight forward.
    Include Vellums in Costs: This feature has since been removed in an addon update.
    • Group Inscription Crafts By: I have mine selected to Class, but in my opinion it's easier to use if you have it set to Inks. This just makes a difference on how different crafts are displayed for Inscription.

    • Get Mat Prices From: If you do not have a very good or reliable AuctionDB database yet, I would recommend selecting "Auctioneer Market Value" from the drop down list, until you have done a few AuctionDB scans (this is assuming you have a decent Auctioneer Database - if you don't then just stick with AuctionDB and be sure to get a few scans in before trying to craft anything).

    • Get Craft Prices From: This is the same as above, use Auctioneer if you don't have a good AuctionDB price list yet. What these two options do (Mats and Craft Prices) is it will subtract the mats cost from how much the item sells for, to give you an estimated profit. Making it easy to see what items you should craft for the most profit.

    • Profit Deduction: When you sell an item on a Faction Auction House, it takes a 5% Auction House cut from your sale. When you sell an item on the Neutral Auction House it takes a 15% cut from your sale. These are values that novice entrepreneurs often forget about so TSM offers to include that in your profit.

    • Addon to use for alt data: Select Gathering, if you want to read more about what it does, click on the Green Bag Button found at the bottom of the TSM window.
    • Characters to Include: When you queue up a crafted item to make with TSM, it calculates what materials are needed. It checks all your alts listed in this drop down list to see if any of them have any of the materials on them. This way you don't end up buying materials that you already have.
      Guilds to Include: Same as above, if you have a personal guild bank, or your guild lets you withdraw mats from their bank, this will allow TSM to check for mats from those banks to use in your crafts.

    Crafting Options - Craft Management Window. (Screenshot above)

    • The first two options speak for themselves, closing the frame and the size of the frame.
    • Double Click Queue: This is pretty nifty, later when we open our Profession Window and start adding items to our Craft Queue, you basically click on the craft name to add it to the list once, clicking on it again will add another to the list (so you craft two of it), clicking again will craft 3 of it, etc. Right clicking will remove one from the list (so left click three times, right click once = it will craft 3 - 1 = 2). Some people like to always craft 5 at a time (for example glyphs), so what you can do here is set the double click queue to 5. That way if you double click on an item it will automatically queue up 5 of the item.

    • Include Items on the AH when Restocking: If this box is checked, then when you are restocking you will include items that you already have listed on the AH as your stock. Handy for those who don't want to have more than 5 of an item at a time, regardless of where it is.

    • Minimum Profit Method: This option allows you to specify a minimum profit amount (in gold or percent of cost) for what crafts should be added to the craft queue.

    • Min Restock Quantity: Items will only be added to the queue if the number being added is greater than this number (that you set). This is useful if you don't want to bother with crafting singles for example.

    • Max Restock Quantity: When you click on the Restock button, it will automatically queue up your stock of a specific item to make sure you always have a certain amount. If you set this option here to 5, it means you always want to have 5 of each item. If you have 2 of that item and hit restock, it will then queue up to craft 3 more, so that you have a total of 5.

    • Minimum Profit (in %): This is where the Minimum Profit Method that we selected from the Drop Down Box earlier comes into play. If you chose to work by a %, then you will be able to adjust this bar as you wish.

    • Minimum Profit (in gold): Same as above except in gold.

    • Filter out items with a low seen count: When Auctioneer or TSM's AuctionDB scan the AH and gather data for each item, it records how many times its seen an item and it averages together the prices of all the items on the Auction House (e.g. there might be 5 of x-item listed at 10g, then 3 of x-item listed at 20g. It will form an average price). Generally the more times it's seen the item, the more reliable the price is. If it's only seen 1 of those items for example, it could be someone is listing that item at 200% higher than what it's really worth. This option is handy to filter out those potential "lie" prices so you don't accidently end up making a loss.

    Remember to create a profile for yourself in the next tab

    Click on one of the Profession Buttons on the Left Side of the main TSM Window. I chose Inscription. (Screenshot above)

    All your crafts should be enabled by default, if they aren't click on the Enable All Crafts button.
    • The Additional Item Settings are handy if you want to add items to various different groups (probably mainly used for professions like Enchanting where you will have a different group for different scrolls - instead of us having one big group for all our Glyphs which have a similar cost to make).
    • There isn't really much to do here, just wanted to give you an idea what all the rest of the buttons looked like and what they were used for.

    Ok, you can now close your TSM Window and open up a profession. I'm going to use Inscription for example. (Screenshot above)

    When you open up a Tradeskill window such as Inscription, you will see a "Open TradeSkillMaster_Crafting" button at the top of the window. Click it and it will then look like my screenshot above.
    • Expand one of the menus in the top left window (for me I'm going to expand the Death Knight menu).
    • It will then list each Death Knight Glyph that you know and give you 4 columns of details. Glyph Name, How many of it you have (0/0/0/4 would mean you have 4 somewhere on an alt. 2/0/0/0 would mean you have 2 listed up on the Auction House). Market Value (the price at which is sells at) and Profit (how much gold you should make if you craft the Glyph and sell it at Market Price.

    Let's assume that I want to create 5X Glyph of Blood Tap, 2X Glyph of Death and Decay, 5X Glyph of Raise Dead and 1 Glyph of Death Coil. I click on their names until I get the amount that I want. You will notice 2 things happening now. (See screenshot above)
    • The materials required will be displayed in the bottom left window. Green = You have the materials on hand to make, Yellow = You have the materials on an alt, Red = You don't have the materials at all.
    • The Glyphs queued will be displayed in the Window on the right. Again Green = you can start making, Yellow = you need the mats from your alt first, Red = you need to buy the mats first.

    Okay, we know what we want to make, now time to go buy!

    Open the Auction House Window and click on the Shopping - Crafting Mats tab - Second from the bottom on the right. (Screenshot above)

    Hit the "Start Shopping for Crafting Mats!" Button and your window will then look like mine above.

    Once it's finished scanning for an item, it will bring up a window, that gives you more information and asks you if you want to buy, skip, etc. (Screenshot above)

    It will always list the cheapest items first and the most expensive items last.
    If you are trying to make Inks with Inscription, it even offers to buy the herbs necessary to make those inks!
    It takes the average pigment/ink per 5 herbs to estimate how many herbs it should buy. So keep this in mind because sometimes you will end up with slightly too little ink or slightly too much (oh no! haha) depending on what your RNG luck is like.
    If you don't want to take your chances with herbs you can just keep clicking skip until it starts offering you Pigments or Ink to buy. Keep an eye on the "~g per ink" status to make sure you not making a big mistake.

    You can also hit "Exit Automatic Mode" to manually search for the cheapest deals on specific items. (Screenshot above)

    While we are here, you should note that this is now basically the same as how the "Shopping - General Buying" tab works on the TSM Auction House Window.

    • Buy For: From this drop down list you can select what ink you want to shop for. OR you can go the the "Shopping - General Buying" tab (4th from the bottom on the right) end enter the name of the ink that you wish to buy in the "Name of item to search for" field.

    • Max Price: Allows you to define the most you want to pay an item. Handy if you want to ensure you only spending x-amount to craft an item.

    • Quantity: Allows you to define how many of the item you wish to buy.

    Once you have all your materials, open up your TradeSkill (Profession Window) and hit and open the "TradeSkillMaster_Crafting" Window again. (Screenshot above)

    All you need to do now is click on the "Glyph of Death Coil" in the right window, or hit Craft Next.

    Not going to create a whole new section for this, but here are what the other buttons in your Crafting Window do:
    • Restock Queue: Remember earlier when we defined our Max Restock Quantity (look here if you can't remember)
    • On-Hand Queue: If you want to see what you are able to craft with only the items you currently have (for example you just prospected a ton of ore and want to see what gems you can cut). You can click on the "On-Hand Queue" and it will queue up items you can make with the materials that you have.
    • Clear Queue: removes everything from your queue window.

    Ok so that covers the _Crafting Module of TSM. All we have left is the handy little tools for various tasks.

    TradeSkillMaster: AutoMailing. (Screenshot above)

    Type /TSM to open up the TSM Main Window again, and click on the "Mailing Options" Button in the bottom right corner of the window. Your window should now look like mine in the screenshot - minus the character names.

    AutoMailing basically automatically mails specific items in your bags to a specific character, so it's great when you want to send thousands of glyphs from your Scribe to your Glyph Selling Bank Alt without needing to do much at all.

    • For me I want to send all my Glyphs to my bankalt "Glyphcraft" so I type the name "Glypcraft" in the "Player Name" field and hit Okay. The character name should then appear in the column on the left.
    • Click on the players name that you just added in the left column (for me Glyphcraft) and it will bring up a window looking like (screenshot below).

    Click on the items in the left column to highlight them, then click the "Add" button to send them across into your Mailing Database.

    When ever I visit a mailbox, I can just hit the red "TradeSkillMaster_Mailing: Auto-Mail" button at the top of the mailbox screen and it will automatically send any Glyphs on that list to my alt Glyphcraft if I have them in my bags.

    Autoloot Mail from your MailBox with TSM_Mailing. (Screenshot above previous paragraph)

    Another great feature about the TSM_Mailing module, is that you can automatically open all your mail in your mailbox by hitting the "Open All" button found at the bottom of the mail window. (Ignore the "Mail Opener" button in the top left, that is a different addon.

    You can adjust these Mail Opener settings by clicking on the "Config" button found next to the red cross in the top right corner of the mail window.
    • Default Mail Opener Status: Here you can set some preferences such as "Completely Enable" which will always automatically open your mail in your mail box (without you even needing to click on the "Mail Opener" button). "Auto opening disabled" is what mine is set on at the moment (needing me to actually click "Mail Opener" to open mail. You can also completely disable that feature of the addon.

    • Don't refresh the mailbox while...: Your mailbox can only display a certain amount of mail at a time, and mail is only "delivered" to your mailbox every few 60 seconds or something, so your mailbox is constantly refreshing to check for new mail.

    The rest of the options, and the ones found in the side tabs "Notifications, Open All, Modules and Profiles will take too long to explain for what they are worth, but they are very straight forward and easy to figure out.

    Shopping - Dealfinder! AKA Flipping Automation! (Screenshot Above)

    Flipping is one of the best, if not the BEST way to make some serious gold with absolutely minimum effort. Now with TSM's Dealfinder, it's even more effortless. It's basically like Auctioneer Snatch list but only way way better!

    Open up your Auction House window and bring up the TSM Tab for the AH. Click on Dealfinder (bottom button on the left). You will be presented with two buttons: "Run Dealfinder Scan" and "Configure Dealfinder List".

    Before you can start scanning for those hot deals, you need to populate your Dealfinder list (also known as a Snatch List), so click on "Configure Dealfinder List". Your window should now look like mine shown in the screenshot above.

    • Add Item to Dealfinder List: In order to add an item, you have to either 1) drag the item from your inventory into the field, shift+click link the item into the field, or type it's item ID.

    1) The easiest way to do this if you do not have the item to drag or cannot shift click it, is go over to and find the item that you want to add to your Dealfinder List.

    2) I recommend checking out calianna's "Items you should have on your Snatch List" thread for some absolutely vital items you should be searching for every day to flip for huge profits. No seriously, LOOK AT IT IT'S AWESOME!

    3) Let's say we want to add the first item on calianna's list: which by the way can easily fetch a price of over 5000 gold!

    4) Click on the item link and it will take you to the Wowhead page for the item: On that page you will see a red button called "Link".

    5) Click that button and another little window will pop in with the following code:

    /script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("\124cff1eff00\124Hitem:16253:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0\124h[Formula: Enchant Chest - Greater Stats]\124h\124r");
    6) If you copy and paste that into World of Warcraft chat window, it will then print the item in your chat window (it won't actually link the item in trade chat or guild chat etc). You can now shift+click that item link into the "Add Item to Dealfinder List" field. I find this works better than simply typing in the Item ID. Press "Okay" next to the field to confirm the item.

    7) Now you want to set a Maximum Price for that item. If you look at calianna's thread, he says it should sell for 5,000g or more. So I'm going to type in 2,000gold in the "Max Price (per 1 item)" field. Then hit "Okay".

    8) Finally press the "Add Item" button. This will then add the item to your Dealfinder List which you will see displayed below.

    9) Now you can hit the "Run Dealfinder Scan" and it will start scanning the Auction House for items on your Dealfinder List. If it finds an item listed for less than the maximum price that you specified, then it will ask you if you want to buy it.

    Extra Tips: (will add as I get more)
    • If you used ScrollMaster in the past, it sometimes causes a few problems with TSM. You may need to clear your "WTF" folder in your World of Warcraft Root Directory - warning: always make a backup before doing anything like that though.

    To make a macro for clicking buttons within TSM follow these steps. 1 - Type /framestack. 2 - A new window will appear that will display the frames of everything your cursor is over. Hover over the button you wish to make a macro for. 3 - The button should be listed in the window. Make a macro that says /click NAMEOFBUTTON. Then you can bind the macro as you wish.
    And that my friends, is the end of the TradeSkillMaster guide
    I think my fingers will disown me if I type anything much more so good luck and have fun.

    If you have any questions pop into the #TradeSkillMaster channel on IRC HERE (for mIRC or other client users, server is IRC.QUAKENET.ORG) or check out our brand new Official TradeSkillMaster Development Forum.

    Hope you all enjoyed this installment. This guide was based off Zoxy's original TSM Guide, so remember to rep Zoxy as well if you feel like giving a reward / thanks / feedback (clicky here to give him)

    Spread the word of the guide, feel free to link to it or post it as a guest post on your blog!
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    If someone makes a helpful post or useful thread, be sure to let them know by giving +reputation. Spread the love!

    If you are new to gold making, or want to expand your markets for greater profits, then consider becoming an Ethereal Contributor to gain access to additional guidance on gold making, as well as our private dedicated help and support forum.

    >> WoW Account Maximum Security Guide <<

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    Bump, I created this post a few days ago but unapproved it until it was finished. Finished it and approved it again but it won't appear on the New Forum Posts widget unless there has been a post in it
    If someone makes a helpful post or useful thread, be sure to let them know by giving +reputation. Spread the love!

    If you are new to gold making, or want to expand your markets for greater profits, then consider becoming an Ethereal Contributor to gain access to additional guidance on gold making, as well as our private dedicated help and support forum.

    >> WoW Account Maximum Security Guide <<

    "If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done." - Bruce Lee

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    I cannot thank you enough for this guide. Since Mageshadow talked about TSM on JMTC and promissed a guide on how to use it, I downloaded it and waited patiently to learn it. He posted the first part, but this is absolutely more comprehensive. THANK YOU!

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    Thanks Sin..
    I have neglected the glyphmarket and focused on decs. Along with enchanting and jewelcrafting, this will help me get the last 200k before the cap

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    Hopefully someone can help me out with an issue I have encountered. For some reason beyond my comprehension I cannot get TSM to update the current AH values for glyphs. I have run all scans, but the values remain the same, an inaccurate value.

    I am running Auctionator and LSW. Do either of these conflict with TSM? Any suggestions?

    Last edited by Onnoko; February 5th, 2011 at 07:45 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onnoko View Post
    Hopefully someone can help me out with an issue I have encountered. For some reason beyond my comprehension I cannot get TSM to update the current AH values for glyphs. I have run all scans, but the values remain the same, an inaccurate value.
    I had the same problem this morning. TSM would show glyphs as none listed, but if I searched I could see them on the AH. I finally go it to work by updating not just TSM and all its modules, but also Auctioneer. Then I opened auctioneer and did a full scan. 20 minutes later, TSM was showing the correct values.

    Hopefully the TSM scanner works in the latest version. I don't want to do a full auctioneer scan that often.

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    not sure if this is an issue with TSM or a conflict with one of my other addons

    For the last couple of days it has been reporting incorrect values for the number of items of glyphs and gems stored on other characters. I have been using it for a while with no issue, but about a week ago something changed. I now have 3-4 times as many glyphs as I need because TSM kept saying I had low numbers on my posting alts.

    I have ticked the box so that AH items are included, and all my alts / alt banks are being included.

    Is there another addon that I can use to tell TSM what items I have on my alts?

    AH related addons that I use include

    Auctioneer / Auctionator / TSM / ATSW / Postal / Auditor

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    The whole thing seems a bit glitchy, which makes me afraid to use it. It shows Glyph A as a 225g glyph, but a scan on the auction house shows it at 36g. I've told it to scan both in TSM and in Auctioneer, but can't see a way to get the values to update.

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    Is it asking you to post at 225g? Because that means that the low threshold on your auctions is above the current 36g and you are set to post at fallback 225g when you can't beat the lowest price.
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    Under the Auctioning Groups/Options, I have (in the Minimum Price Settings section):

    Price threshold: 95g
    Fallback price: 225g

    So it shouldn't post if a glyph is under 95g, which works correctly. If there is no glyph, it bumps the price to 225g. There are a dozen or more Glyph of Death Coil for around 36g, yet it still tries to make more (under Restock Queue in the inscription crafting window) and says the profit is 229g on it. It also shows a bunch of glyphs not listed at all (doing a scan does show some exist though).

    It looks like the data is bad. I think I'll try deleting the saved variables and see if that helps clean it up.



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