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    Does Wowuction show crafted items with the new tier system. For example if I want to see the price of a Truesteel Helm with 2 upgrades on it to it's tier 3 version (Ilevel 655)? Right now when searching and using the export for my spreedsheet, I am only seeing the Item level 640 version. Thanks.

    EDIT: Another thing I realized is that Wowuction does not differentiate between the items. It sees each tier of an item such as the Truesteel Helm as the same item which skews the pricing. Additionally and I don't think we can do much about this, there are the different random enchants which will sell for different prices. Any thoughts on this. I assume we just have to wait for wowuction to update their software to handle the new API so they can see each tier of an item differently. Until then is the spreedsheet viable for crafted armor and weapons?

    That all said, absolutely excellent work on this. The layout, scripting, and formulas are fantastic and easy enough to trace back to get an understanding of how it works. Thank you.
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    Hello people I have a problem with the import of the .csv file namely missing after import commas in the price column which is very annoying because I can help a further ?

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    Greatest way to keep your auctions up in competition i would have never sold nothing without this addon because woulda got fed up and sold to a vendor.

    When posting an auction group and youve told your auction operations to post when your market source is "When Bellow Minimum", it would be awesome if you could tell it to post at independant durations. so in this instance of 1 Auctioning Operations

    Minimum Price ::::::::::::::::: When Bellow Minimum:::::::::::::::::-(duration)
    100%DBMarket :::::::::: Ignore Auctions Bellow Minimum :::::::::::: 12hr

    Maximum Price :::::::::::::::::::When Above Minimum;::::::::::::::::-(duration)
    99999%DBMarket ::::::::::::::::::::::Post at Normal:::::::::::::::::::::::::12

    Normal Price :::::::::::::::::::::::::::/xxxxxxxxxx/;:::::::::::::::::::::-(duration)
    400%:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::X:::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::48hr

    The objective of my idea i take is in the right section?
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    DBMarket isn't wowuction, TSM removed support for wowuction a long time ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wowuctioneer View Post
    That's the plan! Depending on number of further changes there might be some hiccups as is usual with new expansions.
    I'm also trying to plan in some development time to redo parts of the site to reflect new AH changes and also to add some long awaiting improvements.

    Checkign in to see how things are looking with the launch of Legion around the corner.
    Retired - I blame Kathroman for everything.

    (that's a joke, eh)

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    I can only see this option "At least x price below...", but it could be great with at similar "At least x price Above...".

    Is or will that be possible in the future?

    I need the "below" for buying stuff, but the "above" for selling stuff

    Also it could be great if it was possible to make a custom list with current prices...

    Great site btw

    Best Regards




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