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    TSM not queueing ink crafts

    Hello. I've recently started inscription on my monk alt, and I've made a few thousand already (slowly but steadily) with glyph sales, despite him being only in his 20s so far...

    However, I'm having an issue with TSM_crafting's ink calculation methods. Simply put, I never see a "crafting stage #1" for inscription, really. To give an example if I have herbs, or even pigment, to make midnight ink, and a glyph requires midnight ink, it still never seems to queue the ink craft; I have to do that manually. I *think* it's because the market price for inks in TSM_auctionDB is so low that it wants me to just buy it off the AH, despite the fact that there's usually none up at the AH. Is there any way to force TSM to use on-hand mats first, before trying to buy end products off AH. It does this nicely with eg. crafting magnificent hides for LW crafts, but the difference might be that those are usually profitable to make with my settings (have exotic leather at a custom value and buy in bulk below that value).

    All ink crafts are enabled, there's groups for them. Even tried changing max restock to 3 instead of my default 1 for inscription, no difference.

    (the example glyph wouldn't normally be queued with my profit settings, but it was the first one I found that I didn't actually have inks on-hand for).

    TradeSkillMaster: TSM Version Info:
    TradeSkillMaster r492
    TradeSkillMaster_Accounting v1.2.3
    TradeSkillMaster_AuctionDB v1.3.14
    TradeSkillMaster_Auctioning v1.2.21
    TradeSkillMaster_ItemTracker v1.2.5
    TradeSkillMaster_Shopping v1.3.12
    TradeSkillMaster_WoWuction v1.2.6
    TradeSkillMaster_Crafting v1.1.13
    TradeSkillMaster_Destroying v1.2.7
    TradeSkillMaster_Mailing v1.0.10
    TradeSkillMaster_Warehousing v1.4.7

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    Sapy on US-Tichondrius(H)
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    TSM won't tell you to craft inks if it's cheaper just to buy them. Also, you're Crafting is a bit out of date.

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    Ok. I did a bit more digging and found the pigment pricing options as well. And I guess I can just override the price source for the inks to not be AH price, but the milling+crafting price.

    And about TSM_crafting being out of date: strange. I use the Curse client to keep a watch for updates, it claimed 1.1.13 was the newest, even though the curse page had 1.1.14 listed. Had to select 1.1.14 to install from the website, just doing update in the client didn't do it. Thanks for noticing.
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