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    Crafting Cost Bug ?


    I am having discrepancy's with crafting costs in TSM_Crafting.

    The crafting cost is always less than the actual costs of the mats, obviously giving me a false sense of what is profitable to make.

    I have ensured that my settings are correct.
    - Data is being taken from Auction DB Minimum Buyout

    I have TSM Desktop Application as well and have ensured that the current data is up to date.

    Everything seems to be working on my end, unless someone can recommend otherwise?


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    I've found that mat cost set to auctiondb minimum buyout often causes situations were the lowest buyout auction stored in auctionDB data is already sold by the time I get to the auction house. Or it's eg. 1 stack of 5, and I need to buy 200 leather. So I prefer using AuctionDB Market value instead; the crafting mats search shows me the % of expected price, and if it's less than 100%, it's extra profit; it's above 100% much more rarely, and then I can compare it to the profit percentages of the stuff that's been suggested for crafting.

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    ah ok, yea that makes sense..

    Thanks, I will do that

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    So maybe the best combo is to have crafting cost based on market value, and the value of the crafted item set to minimum buyout? That should generally force the crafting cost higher and the value of the crafted item lower, so as to avoid some of the money-losing and mailbox-clogging rubbish TSM likes to make.



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