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    Issue with posting items.

    First off, thank your to the TSM gang you guys are the best. This addon is the best as well.

    I seem to be having invalid issues when posting items.

    Second issue is trying to buy mats through the crafting tab.

    Ok so first issue is items coming up invalid it seems they do not have any profit info in the crafting tab. I do not know if this is the issue but I have been using this addon for almost a year I think.

    Second issue im having is herb prices when buying mats through tsm.

    Midnight ink
    11g crafting cost ( i assume thats for the number of inks total needed to craft )

    The glyphs i seen take 3 midnight ink to craft a glyph price per crafting mat of bruiseweed 10 g per crafting mat. (unless I do not understand Price per crafting mat and % expected cost)

    30g seems fine to craft the item if the profit is going to be around 254g I do not understand why it shows red at 260% of expected cost. I dont even sell em for that much about 60-70 gold so I would still make a profit if it costs 30 to make. and have some left over buying the whole stack.

    I have included screen shots of the whole mess. I have been fiddling with it for a week

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    Sapy on US-Tichondrius(H)
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    Looks like Auctioneer's min buyout is zero for whatever item is in the group shown in the last screenshot. Not sure what else you're trying to show / are having issues with. Providing some context to the screenshots and clearly separating any different issues you are having would help.

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