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    TSM Destroying Questin..

    In the past I have used the "Destroying" tab to buy herbs that would yield me the cheapest "Starlight Ink".

    However, once I updated my TSM a day ago - the prices in the destroying seem messed up.


    Then - Silkweed a week ago was 20 for 80g - which TSM said was around 40g per star light ink

    Now - Silkweed today was 20 for 85g - which TSM said was around 112g per starlight ink.

    I am confused on what happened to cause such a huge flux?

    The destroying tab was averaging 30 to 80g per starlight a week ago and now it is 80 to 150g per ink.

    Did something happen to cause this?

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    Darkmoon Faire. prices move and move quickly. If your supply of any feeder mat such as ore and herbs is very hand to mouth these will be more noticeable.

    Try to set a price limit in your head of xx amount a stack. Then buy em when they are under your price range, whether you need em or not. You will get away from noticing the swings in prices as much when you start to deal in larger volumes and profits.

    Good luck.



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