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    Can you buy auctions in large amount with scrolling-wheel?

    Hey, i wonder if it's possible to buy auctions in large amount by using the scrolling-wheel similar to the way you cancel all auctions.

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    Should be possible.. I'm not at a PC with WOW right notnor am I a macro expert , but if you check the macro you use to cancel with "/framestack 1" on you can see what the button is called. Once done just type /framestack 0 again and your frame information window are removed.

    I have a "keypressing" macro when mass buying i made myself this way as i for some reason rather press a key 300 times then the mousebutton 300 times
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    TSM + Auctionator macro for scroll wheel buyout:

    /click Atr_Buy_Confirm_OKBut
    /click TSMAuctioningCancelButton
    /click TSMAuctioningPostButton
    /click TSMAuctioningResetBuyoutButton
    /click TSMShoppingDealfindingBuyButton
    /click TSMAHConfirmationActionButton
    /click TSMAHTabBuyoutButton

    Make sure your mouse pointer is not above a frame with a scrollable list. Otherwise that list will take precedence over the /click macro and scroll up/down.
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