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    Random Bystander
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reverb View Post
    You have things set up incorrectly then. If you go to do a cancel scan currently it checks if you are the only post on the AH at that point and will put it in the cancel scan at that point.

    E.g. player A posts at above my threshold but below my auction and player As post sells out and then I am the only craft on the AH
    then if I do a cancel scan TSM will queue that craft for reposting at the fallback price and thus (ideally) resulting in more profit for me or at least resulting in the prices renormalizing.
    I'm deeply sorry you don't understand what i'm trying to explain, hopefully the developers do.

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    I was redirected here from a change request ticket on curse.

    The old DealFinder treated the 'max price' that you specified as a hard cap. I routinely used to alt-tab between raid bosses, do a quick scan, and grab everything I'd told it I wanted to buy.

    The new DealFinder has lost this functionality. It treats 'max price' as a an override of 'market price' and will offer to buy "deals" that are 100 times what you set the limit to. This hardly seems like what I'd call a "deal finder".

    If you're chatting on vent at the same time with raid members, it would be really easy to make a horribly expensive mistake with an extra click or two while you're in a rush and trying not to make it look obvious you're not paying attention to your raid.

    I made the following quick-fix to suit my needs:
    --- Search.lua    2012-01-26 22:11:55.000000000 -0800
    +++ Search.lua    2012-01-27 10:25:08.000000000 -0800
    @@ -394,6 +394,10 @@
                         obj:FilterRecords(function(record) return record.count % 5 ~= 0 end)
                         validItem = #obj.records > 0
    +                if validItem and data and data.maxPrice then
    +                    obj:FilterRecords(function(record) return (record.buyout / record.count) > data.maxPrice end)
    +                    validItem = #obj.records > 0
    +                end
                 -- delete if it's not an item we want
    In my original ticket change request, I was told that this was a feature because people sometimes want to go higher than their limits. To my mind the behavior change is a regression and would at the very least merit a checkbox option if it's going to be on by default.

    The lack of a hard limit on other things like the destroying module was the same reason why I never used it. I'd just plug my limits from my spreadsheet into the Auctioneer snatch realtime searcher and just use that, back when I bothered with glyphs. At least it respects limits you set.

    Everywhere else in TSM, limits are limits. Post thresholds and limits are hard limits.

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    I would LOVE to see more functionality with dealfinder, ie, the option to purchase at X% market price (using auctionDB or TUJ price).

    This would be very powerful and more in line with the way auctioning works. Survival Guide | How-to: WoWHead Tooltips in your posts | Quality Guides Section | Consortium Key Sender (CKS) | Phat Lewts' Learn TSM Series
    Sniper Mastery Guide | Enchanting Mastery Guide | Jewelcrafting Mastery Guide
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    I miss the price per ink while shopping within crafted mats tab.

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    In the old version you had a nifty buying feature that let you click once to buy up multiple stacks of an item. I'm confused as to why you've decided to switch to a two-click method. It would be nice to have the anti-carpal-tunnel buying method back. Also, the super helpful "bought count" seems to be missing.
    Last edited by croana; January 27th, 2012 at 02:29 PM.

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    I was unable to safely use the TSM module for shopping for Inks. I could never remember what my limits were. Back last year when I was doing glyphs in a serious way, I made a few tweaks so that I could auto-set auctioneer's snatch limits for herb buying to match my post thresholds in the corresponding TSM groups.

    That way I could adjust my thresholds in one place and have my buy limits auto-updated for each herb that produced the corresponding inks.

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    Just a thought

    Hi there.

    Love TSM.

    For the casual goblin in me the beta TSM was absolutely brill.

    Have you thought of making the beta TSM an "elements" version like Photoshop, e.g. Does the basics for the casual user.

    And the new TSM version the "Pro" version for the Elite goblins.

    I have watched the vids by "Faid" tbh there is stuff in the new TSM I will use rarely.

    Just a thought mind.

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    Some Lost Functionality compared to the Beta
    When the TSM functioned in the side panel I would routinely run a cancel or post scan while still being able to use my Browse, Bid , Auction tabs while the scan or post continued. With the release version having its own tab you lose that functionality since when you switch to another tab TSM defaults back to the search button and stops its scanning or posting.

    You lose the list of data that was just scanned for as well if you change tabs and then return to TSM.

    The ability to do other things while TSM posted or scanned to cancel was one of the most time efficient multi-tasking abilities that this addon offered. I find TSM to be everything that you guys were aiming for and more !! I hope to see the functionality returned to the Release - tab based version in the future

    PS - I think the scan/post stops because the default is to return to the search function whenever the tab is clicked or clicked away from

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    Ethereal Contributor
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    I would like for Warehousing to allow me to move items based on Auctioning category as well, not just by group. My list is stupidly long at the moment and it's annoying. :[
    PlusHeal: Healing Revealed - A community solely for World of Warcraft healers

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    TSM Developer
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    Quote Originally Posted by purebe View Post
    I don't know if posting in different sized stacks is an option yet but I think it would be really, really nice.

    EG. "Post in stack sizes: x, y, z" and "prioritize: "z, x, y" (if possible post z first, and then once all the z's have been posted or you can't post enough, post x, and etc.)
    I second that


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