I have noticed that the craft queue does something I feel is a bit counterintuitive. It "fills" the queue from top to bottom based on which orders can be completely filled first versus total profit. Let me explain.

Delicate Primordial Ruby current stock = 0, Profit per gem = 288g, Restock = 6
Bold Primordial Ruby current stock = 3, Profit per gem = 77g, Restock = 6

Current number of Primordial Rubies in my bag = 3

Profit if I make 3 Delicates = 864g
Profit if I make 3 Bolds = 231g

Logically I would want to use my 3 Primordial Rubies to create the 3 cuts that would earn the highest gold, so in this case Delicates. Unfortunately the craft queue pushes the Bolds to the top and turns them green since the 3 Primordials in my bag can be cut to complete the restock order for those. The Delicates are blue and further down the list.

I would prefer that my limited number of raw materials be used to produce the highest profit versus being used to complete a restock order for lesser overall profit.

Is there some setting I need to adjust to enable highest profit jump to the top of the queue or is the queue simply programmed to give preference to completing restock orders regardless of profit potential?