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    *READ FIRST* - Welcome to the Official TradeSkillMaster Forums

    Welcome to the TSM forums! Whether you're here to ask a question, help others, or just casually browse, please look through this post for some helpful links and tips.

    The TSM Application - Link
    This is a completely free desktop application that has many useful features:
    • Never scan the auction house again! The app will automatically update your TSM_AuctionDB and TSM_WoWuction data.
    • Protect all that hard work you put into your TSM settings. The app provides automatic backups and can aid you in the restoration of old settings if yours get lost or corrupted.
    • Free deal notifications (including emails). Based on your TSM groups and TSM_Shopping operations, you can setup notifications for when there's a good deal.
    • Export the results of deal notifications and import ingame for faster buying
    • Export your accounting history to csv files
    • ...and much more!

    How to Get Help with TSM - READ BEFORE POSTING
    Please follow these guidelines in order to ensure you are help effectively and quickly with the issue you are having. Any posts which blatantly disregard these guidelines will be subject to being locked or deleted.
    • Check the FAQ first to see if your issue is addressed there.
    • BE SPECIFIC AND DETAILED! We need to know exactly what you did, how you did it, what you expected to happen, and what actually happened.
    • Provide all applicable version numbers. You can get this information by typing "/tsm version" in game.
    • Provide screenshots of your issue and all relevant settings if possible. Upload them to and post the link (don't embed the image) in your post.
    • Skim through the first page of the TSM forums to make sure your question hasn't already been asked.
    • Explore the rest of The Consortium forums, but keep your TSM questions in this sub-forum.

    • Post lua errors on the forums, see the section below.
    • Say that you're using the "latest" version. In no way is this helpful or even indicative of what version you're actually using. See above for how to get the real version numbers.
    • Use vague or generic statements such as "I clicked the post button and nothing happened" (better would be - "I opened to the Auctioning tab of the AH and clicked the 'Start Post Scan' button and it immediately said it was done scanning. Here (link) are some screenshots of all my related settings and of this issue.").
    • Bump an old thread just to say "I'm also having this issue." Follow all the steps above to describe your issue. Unless you're 100% sure it's the same issue, creating a new thread is preferred to bumping an old one.

    Reporting Lua Errors
    See the instructions here:

    TSM Documentation

    Useful Threads

    Suggesting Features
    As of the release of TSM 2.0, we are using a new site for feature suggestions. You can also find an explanation of how we are using this site here including some tips and guidelines for make suggestions.

    Video Guides (for 2.0 and above)

    Written Guides (for 2.0 and above)

    Streamers Who Use TSM

    Supporting TSM - Link
    First of all, thank you for using TradeSkillMaster. The addon, website, and application are only made possible by the dedicated work of a team of volunteers. While we all sincerely enjoy working on these as a hobby, we do have some expenses. It costs money to run our ad-free website which is hosting the download of the TSM application. We also love to run contests and offer awesome prizes!

    So, continue to enjoy TradeSkillMaster. If you feel the addon and/or application are useful to you, please donate to support their continued development. All donations are greatly appreciated and will be used to better the services which we provide to the community. No amount is too small. If every user of TradeSkillMaster contributed just $1, the possibilities of what we could offer to the community in terms of features, contests, and utilities would be endless.
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    Follow me and TSM on Twitter for important updates, news, and giveaways!
    TSM Website | TSM Chat Channel (IRC) | Donate | TSM FAQ

    "A good programmer is someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street." ~Doug Linder



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