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    TSM bug or just some other addon?

    Since i post my auctions on diffrent toons and i have TSM activated on all of them sometimes it happens when i switch from one toon to another and acces the AH it just freezes my WoW and i have to exit and run WoW again. So is this a known bug or it's just the mixture of addons or a single addon that i have that is making this happen?
    Edit ( for not reading the guidelines.. ):
    List of my addons is following:
    Mogit, TSM, Auctinator, Postal, Prat, Sell Junk, Guild Recruiter, Genie, Bulk Mail, Bagnon, Auto Repair, Atlas Loot, Npc scan, Gatherer.
    And also it doesnt matter if i wait couple of sec. before i interacting with AH NPC, it gets frozen anyway. What i found to be strange is that after casting a spell or something ( Halo, Thunderclap, etc. ) and then interact with npc it never freezes. Is this just my imagination or it has something to do with loading all the stuff?
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    Sapy on US-Tichondrius(H)
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    Opening your bags before visiting the AH should fix this.

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    I also use bagnon. What I do is disable open bags in the TSM settings. Then I go to bagnon settings and enable to open bags at the auction house. Then it works (at least for me).



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