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    Feature Request: change the background coloring for MoP perfect gems in JC.

    I love all the category pages like

    A great addition was the coloring:
    "A blue background indicates that gem is selling under 75% of the price of the uncut gem. A yellow background indicates a gem selling for 1.5 times over the uncut price, and the red background indicates a gem selling for 3 times the price of its uncut counterpart."

    I feel it would be more informative is those % were multiplied by 10 for perfect MoP gems.

    I.e. if Tiger Opals are selling for 3g each, then a perfect selling for 10 is not a "red" great deal, it is essentially selling below cost. I think of 45 and 90 as more the yellow and red criteria rather than 4.5 and 9.

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    I've applied it for MoP, Cata, and LK perfects. Any reason why it shouldn't be on Cata and LK?



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