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    Question Interface code outdated in TheUndermineJournal.toc file

    After several days of not having the very useful TUJ add-on working, I did some digging and found that the interface was still set for 5.0.x when downloading the update. i.e.
    ## Interface: 50001
    I manually edited TheUndermineJournal.toc file to the current 5.1 Mist of Pandaria release
    ## Interface: 50100
    The add-on appears to work properly. Is this something that needs to be done on all realms, or was I just unlucky with H-Feathermoon (US)?

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    You can also just load out of date addons.

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    Fixed, thanks.

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    Problem quickly resolved. Thanks, Erorus.

    @Sapu94: Good advice. That was my plan "B"



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