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    Feature Request: 60 day Auction House deviation

    I've been using the TUJ for several years and I've come to realize that as good as TUJ is there is one feature that is missing that would be helpful to me.

    The problem I'm trying to solve is simple: how to price a good that shows up infrequently on the AH. This might simply be because the item is rare in a real sense (a rare drop) or it might be rare simply because no one tries to sell it. But it's rare for the AH. Lets call this a "seldom traded good".

    One way to tackle this is too look for the good on TUJ and see what the item is selling for elsewhere. The problem with this approach is that standard deviations to tend be quite wide for seldom traded goods. So when one looks at the scattergram on the website even if there is a lot of data there it's not particularly helpful because it doesn't tell me anything about where my AH is relative to those other AHs.

    My thinking is that the best way to approach this would be to create a metric that measures where each server's AH stood in relation to other server's AH over the last 60 days. So, for example, I would know that when looking at my AH (taken as a whole) that goods there sell, on average, at a 20% discount compared to the mean of all AH game-wide. In essence, one creates the same data that exists for each individual good (mean, deviation, average) for the AH as a whole.

    Right now I tend to mentally do this by experience. "I have X rare good. TUJ says mean is 70K. No one here will buy that at 70K. So lets start at 50K and see what happens." It would be nice to be able to quantify that rather than just listening to the voice of experience.

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    Necroing the thread here with a bump!

    Same basic request for the feature with a twist. For those ultra rare items that show up rarely on the AH it'd be nice to have a last seen date. Currently the last time it was listed is shown if the item ISN'T available, and as soon as it is, it shows within the last hour. It'd be nice to see the last time it was listed BEFORE that. Perhaps filter it by poster so you can see when the last time someone ELSE had it listed.

    The use I see for this is advertising super rare patterns in trade and including a last seen date (which can be hard to determine after you snag it) to illustrate the true rarity of the item and drive sales.

    Thanks in advance



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