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Thread: IE10 issues

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    IE10 issues

    Hey, I just installed Win8, IE10, and I noticed on the item page that when you hover over the market price graph, you can't see the individual values in a tooltip like you're supposed to be able to.

    Using compatibility mode fixes it to it's not like it's unusable, just thought I'd let you know there's an issue.

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    Internet Explorer. That's your first problem. No, I'm not just speaking out of a sense of superiority for using a better browser such as Chrome or Firefox- I'm speaking from experience. IE has been known to be a bitch when it comes to HTML coding. A web developer can create a page with flawless HTML coding that works perfectly in all other browsers, yet IE will still show glitchy or missing elements.
    This then causes the web developer to do one of two things- either go back into the HTML coding for the page and SPECIFICALLY change the code to make it SPECIFICALLY work for ONE browser, or just laugh at the person using IE in the first place.

    We will see which of the two Erorus chooses =)
    I'm sure he will be nice enough to go in and fix it though.
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    IE has been lagging behind for years. At this stage in the game, I'd highly recommend grabbing a proper browser and then getting used to never having to post bug reports like this again...
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    Thanks for reporting the bug. The graph you're talking about is generated using Highcharts. I haven't changed that code in a while. I'll keep an eye out to see if they have an updated version that supports IE10.

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