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    Export Inventory to CSV

    I was wondering how many people would be interested in an addon that exports current inventory to a CSV file.

    I've been working with setting up profession leveling packs, and have made excel spreadsheets with current inventory (each kit in its own GBank tab) for each kit, to let me know what to farm etc etc. I have it cross linked to TUJ via the new CSV download so I can get an accurate price point to advertise it at. However manually updating the inventory was quite tiresome so I started writing up a super quick addon to export my inventory information to a savedvariables file. I have created a macro in Notepad++ to strip all of the irrelevant brackets, and create a good CSV formatted file.

    It's not polished by any means, and it doesn't have guild bank parsing yet. it will do all bag slots, and all bank + Bank bag slots though. It outputs Item ID, and how many are located in Bags, and Bank currently. Then I import it into excel, and throw some functions in to link ID to name (for visual aid), market price, and overall value.

    If people are interested I could polish it up, and see about making it export the values in true CSV form, so no editing would be necessary.
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    If people are interested, I can add it into the TUJ addon (or make a separate addon just for this), where you'd type a slash command, and be presented with a window of CSV values. You could then copypaste that list into a box on the website for a watchlist-style view of all that stuff.

    If people are interested.

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    Sounds nice, would it be possible to include alts at the same time?

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    God Yes.

    I don't even care how polished it is (I wrote my own perl script for stripping the crap I don't like out of my mysales information.



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