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    Suggestion: "Save Setting" button near new "show sales" checkbox.

    I was trying to turn on the sale data option after logging in and heading to the "User Controls".

    After checking the checkbox to turn the feature on there was no way for me to "save" my setting. It appears you to it on the fly which is cleaver but in 99% of places where you change a setting like that there is always a way to "save" you settings.

    This is important to let the user know that if they leave the page their changed setting will remain persistent.

    While The tech to "auto-save" seems advanced I would recommend adding a "Save Setting" box near the check mark to turn on the display of sales data.

    Whether this is a functioning button or simply a button that refreshes the page (if you do indeed auto save on the fly) I think it would go a long way towards helping users feel that the have actually turned on sales data without have to hit Refresh on the page and scroll all the way down to see if the check mark is still checked (which is how I had to verify the setting was persistent.)

    Even something as simple as a "Setting Saved." text coming up next to the button would help users know the setting was indeed saved.

    I've included a simple mock up of the area I am talking about.

    If you plan to add more options for users I would suggest one "Save Settings" or "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the whole user control panel.

    Keep up the good work. -flux


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    I set mine and when I just went to look, it is still set. I just navigated away after setting it.

    Edit: Nevermind, I failed at reading. I agree, it was a little counter-intuitive, but since it saved, I didn't think about it again.



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